My Hero Academia: Why will Deku be more powerful than All Might?

All Might has been Izuku Midoriya’s role model in My Hero Academia from the time he was a child, from the moment he saw him save lives with a smile on television to long after he adopted his superhero alter ego, Blanket.

It’s not just because All Might is the symbol of peace, though this is a major contributing factor to Deku’s rampant fandom. It’s because of All Might’s incredible strength and natural abilities. So how could Izuku surpass a hero who has held the number one spot for years?

Even though All Might was born Quirkless as Deku, All Might possesses all the natural qualities of a hero. In fact, the hero has confessed that he has always been able to take advantage of the 100 percent of the power of One For All without experiencing any side effects, while Deku is unable to do so without seriously harming himself.

All Might was always able to use One For All at 100 percent (Photo: BONES)

In the anime of Kohei Horikoshi, Deku can only safely use the 20 percent of One For All and, for long-range attacks, only unlock 20 percent momentarily. But the My Hero Academia manga just revealed that Izuku is destined to surpass not only All Might but all of his predecessors.

Warning! The following in The Truth News remains in spoiler territory. In chapter 212, Deku loses control of his powers during a competition between Class 1-A and Class 1-B, but the power that overwhelms him is not One For All.

It is a new kind of energy that you cannot stop pouring out of yourself. When Hitoshi Shinso uses his brainwashing Quirk To keep Deku under control, Izuku finds himself in that strange world where he can not only see, but interact with the vestiges of One For All.

This time, one of the predecessors speaks directly to Deku in chapter 213, revealing that the power over which the boy lost control was his Gift of Black Whip. He lent him his power because he felt it would help him in the competition.

Deku can have 6 Quirks with One For All (Photo: BONES)

How many Quirks will Deku have in My Hero Academia?

Not only will Deku be able to take advantage of Blackwhip, which is much more powerful than it was back in the day, but also will be able to handle all six Quirks of its predecessors. While this alone is unbelievable, the vestige says that the core of One For All has been growing in power since its inception and that Izuku is the one who will complete OFA.

While it is unclear what completing One For All entails and how it will manifest in Boku no Hero Academia, it will surely be more powerful than All Might was able to channel during his heyday. Then there’s the fact that Deku will soon be in control of six Quirks and receive guidance from multiple predecessors.

So even though Deku can only currently wield 20 percent of One For All’s power, it’s pretty clear that he will surpass All Might once he can unlock his full potential. Fans can read the My Hero Academia manga on MANGA Plus.

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