“If I slimmed down unhealthily for a role, I’d be considered a serious actor.” Chris Hemsworth believes that his physique damages his image as a performer

Nobody said it was easy to be Thor himself, Captain Mitch Nelson, the mercenary Tyler Rake, or even the hunter from the reinvention of ‘Snow White’ signed by Rupert Sanders in 2012. Not only do you need to have minimal acting skills ; too an imposing physique that makes it believable that you are the God of thunder Or that you can at least kill a man with your bare hands.

But the good Chris Hemsworth, despite having a body that many of us would like, considers that is looked down upon for an appearance that prevents him from taking his job as a performer seriously. This is what the Australian actor has commented in an interview with The Telegraph.

“Bodybuilding is seen as a vanity, whereas if I gained some unhealthy weight, or got sickly thin for a role, I’d probably be considered a serious actor.”

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As hard as it is rewarding

I would not know if Hemsworth’s work is serious or not based on the diameter of his biceps; although what is certain is that, as he says, train for ten years for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it is “a full time job”, as hard as it is rewarding.

“Is that [entrenar] and then a twelve-hour shooting day. It’s a real beating. But it’s also tremendously rewarding, you have to look like a professional athlete. “

In addition to giving you a body fat percentage inversely proportional to your size, this decade of experience has given you better knowledge about your body and how to exercise it.

“For years, I probably trained more than I should have. People who work their muscles generally don’t realize that this is a sport that shouldn’t be done seven days a week and for two hours a day. I’ve been doing it. like this during the previous ‘Thor’, and he ended up sore and with less energy. But you want to be balanced, because there will probably be a scene without a shirt at some point.

Personally, the only thing I can ask of Hollywood studios is that regardless of how muscular I look on screen, Give good old Chris Hemsworth more comic roles. That’s where he manages to shine even brighter than when he stands in a set with millimeter lighting to accentuate his abs and takes off his shirt.

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