My Hero Academia: Joker and Shigaraki come together in this fan art

Since the release of the last chapter of My Hero Academia and generally since Shigaraki Tomura woke up during the Paranormal Liberation War, the interest around the main villain of the saga created by Horikoshi it has grown even more than it already was.

If, since the first appearances, Shigaraki has known capture curiosity of fans and to carve out a place among the characters best managed of the saga, with the latest events that elevated Tomura to the enemy harder that history has ever had, has only inflamed the hearts of fans.

With the power of the All for One in his hands and the ardent desire to track down the One for All, and therefore Deku, to give life to an epic battle, fans can't wait to read the next chapters to understand how the story will end and especially how far Shigaraki has become strong.

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This sparked fantasy of a fan who, through his Instagram profile, has published a art work which portrays Tomura in the role of another beloved villain, in this case of American comics, who just recently appeared in cinemas, collecting prizes and positive criticisms: Joker.

As you can see for yourself from the photo at the bottom of the article, Shigaraki is represented with the iconic clothes of the nemesis of Batman and, the light blue hair, dyed green.

What do you think of this design and the idea behind it? See similarities between the Joker of the A.D and Shigaraki from My Hero Academia? Write it below.


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