My Hero Academia: Chapter 276 introduces Endeavor's new right arm

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Chapter 276 of My Hero Academia once again showed the tremendous power of Shigaraki Tomura, who has now become unstoppable thanks to the work done by Doctor Garaki. Among the positive notes, however, certainly includes the introduction of Kido, a new hero who has been revealed to be the right arm of Endeavor.

With Tomura Shigaraki now fully aware of his strength, Endeavor decides to risk everything for defending Midoriya, and therefore attacking the Villain by launching at full speed. Thanks to his Quirk Endeavor he can bridge the distance in a short time, but maneuvering his body at that speed becomes an impossible task.

Just about it, Horikoshi has finally decided to officially introduce Kido, blindfolded hero already shown several times in past chapters. Kido rushes to help hero number one by saying "Do you need a ride?"and changing its direction on the fly. Kido's Quirk calls it "Trajectory" and is able to modify the trajectory of objects passing through its bandages. It is a support Quirk, similar to that of Hawks but less marked by offensive actions. Endeavor then manages to rise in flight without being forced to lower the speed and thus reaching his opponent.

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And what do you think of it? Would you like to see this hero at work again? Let us know with a comment! Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to remind you that the last chapter of My Hero Academia has also introduced the hero Manual, a very useful partner in Eraserhead.

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