benefits of screaming nto a Pillow

benefits of screaming into a pillow

Relieves stress:

Screaming into a pillow allows you to get all the pent-up frustration and anger out in one quick action, which can relieve you of stress for the time being. However, it doesn’t help to get at the root of why you are angry or frustrated in the first place. So try to avoid getting into that situation again next time by taking steps towards solving your problems instead of just screaming them away.

You don’t need anyone’s permission:

A bonus benefit of screaming into a pillow is that no one has to know about it! Screaming loudly can be embarrassing if done in public without an actual purpose (you could begin attracting stares!), but many people feel entirely justified when screaming into a pillow as they release their anger.

You save your throat from long term damage:

Screaming your lungs out can cause you some long-term damage, so save yourself the trouble and just scream into a pillow instead! While it doesn’t have all of the benefits that an actual ear-shattering shriek does, like shocking everyone around you, for example, it will still allow you to get rid of all of your pent-up rages in one quick act (and saves your vocal cords).

It’s relatively quiet:

As far as screaming goes, screaming into something soft can be slightly less annoying than actually raising your voice above its normal decibel level–which tends to attract more attention than if you just kept screaming into a pillow.

It can be therapeutic:

We would all like to believe that when we are angry, shouting at the top of our lungs will solve everything–however, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you want to let it all out but in a more private manner–so try beating up on your pillow instead! While it may not make you feel better immediately, you can rest assured that there is no one around to judge or unmask your secrets.

You learn self-control:

How often has someone snapped when their anger reaches its peak? Screaming obscenities can sometimes be cathartic at the moment, but the next time something irks you, try to take a few deep breaths and release the tension in a more productive manner.

You’ll feel better:

Screaming into a pillow might not solve your problems, but you will definitely feel better afterward! So if you’re still looking for ways to vent your frustrations, scream as loud as you can into that pillow until your anger subsides (and don’t hurt yourself!).

People won’t hear it:

If anyone is around who would judge or criticize you–scream into that pillow instead of raising your voice like normal! There is no reason why screaming should be considered an embarrassing act since everyone does it at some point (or maybe they want others to know they are angry). Either way, screaming is a natural, physiological response to anger so why not try screaming into a pillow instead of saying something you may regret?

You can’t go wrong:

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, nothing bad will happen to you for screaming into your pillow! While it’s still important to release your pent-up anger in an appropriate manner (and hopefully with the help of others), sometimes you just need time alone to shout and scream at the top of your lungs without fear of retribution or judgment.

It’s simple:

You only need one tool–a pillow! All you have to do is raise your voice slightly louder than normal and no one around will even notice that you are doing anything out of the ordinary. In fact, many people find it helpful to scream into a pillow when they need to calm down and focus on what needs to be done next (just make sure you’re in your room by yourself if you want to avoid any unnecessary distractions)!

You can do it anywhere:

That’s right: screaming into a pillow is one of the few times that you can get away with doing something slightly embarrassing without anyone noticing! So unless you’re out somewhere on your own, no one will know–and even if someone does hear (you), they won’t believe that such a loud sound was actually coming from such a fluffy pillow!

Scream into a pillow meaning:

laughing into a pillow To laugh with your head thrown back and the sound of your laughter muffled by a cushion or pillow. When someone tells you something that is funny, but inappropriate for other people to hear, you might scream into a pillow instead of laughing out loud.

Some common loud voice side effects include:

sore throat, due to the extra effort you put into shouting;


​pain in your chest or upper abdomen. This is likely to be caused by strained vocal cords;

dry mouth and difficulty swallowing if you shout too much for too long;

increased blood pressure (hypertension). A small study found that people who shouted more frequently were even at higher risk of having hypertension. But it’s not clear whether shouting can actually cause high blood pressure directly… some studies have had conflicting results on this point.

Silent scream therapy:

silent scream therapy is one of the most useful and productive tools which helps to lower down our blood pressure. silent scream therapy has been practiced by people in different countries, but mostly in European countries for centuries now.

About 90% of the diseases are found to be caused due to stress or tension. If you are tense or if you find yourself under any kind of mental pressure then it’s better that you use the silent scream technique in order to get rid of this problem completely.

There are several benefits of silent scream therapy, some of them are here below :

If you practice silent scream therapy for even 5 minutes daily then you can literally reduce your stress by two-thirds. This can also help you to literally “silence” your mind within the time span of just 5 minutes.

You will feel fresh and energetic after doing a silent scream session for 10 minutes. It is because it will help you to eliminate all the unnecessary tensions in your mind.

Silent screams help in improving our mood swings. If you have long-term depression or any other sort of depression problem then this technique has been found very helpful in curing these problems easily.

Our self-confidence increases only if we go for silent scream therapy. Optimism and positivity can be our second nature if we practice this therapy for 10-15 minutes daily.

If you want to improve your muscle health then it’s better that you use the silent scream technique as a part of your exercise. It will not only make your muscles stronger but even flexible.

If you are an athlete or if you want to become one then it’s better that you use the silent scream technique as a part of your exercise since it helps in improving beautiful coordination between your body and mind.

If you want to improve your creativity then it’s better that you go for silent scream therapy first on a daily basis because it is helpful in increasing your motivation level which eventually improves your creativity.

This is the best way by which we can forget about our past negative memories completely. It can help us to let go of all of those things or relations which were holding us back from moving ahead towards our goals successfully.

Silent scream therapy helps in reducing the problem of hysteria. Hysteria is a condition that is being faced by girls if they have been raised in an environment where there are signs of strictness all around them.

It’s better that we use the silent scream technique while studying since it will help us to improve our concentration level and even focus on a particular subject for a longer time period.

Silent scream therapy should be done daily if you wish to get rid of acne from your face. It will not only clear away the existing acne from your skin but also reduce its reoccurrence too drastically.

More than 10 million people around the world have suffered from acid reflux problems at least once in their lifetime. But did you know that silent scream therapy can help you in curing acid reflux disorder without any kind of medical intervention?

It’s better that we use this technique while going to sleep because it reduces the chances of waking up from sleep due to stress. If you have been suffering from a severe form of insomnia then it’s better that you follow a regular silent scream therapy for at least 10 minutes every night.

Silent scream therapy helps in improving our self-confidence level, especially if we are shy or even introvert by nature. Even if our cheeks burn red when someone is trying to look into our eyes then this will not be an issue anymore if we do 5-10 minutes silent scream sessions daily.

Stress has become the most common problem in the present times. Even people who are leading a very lavish life or have an enviable job profile will not be able to escape from stress. This is the reason why it has become necessary for us to do some kind of cooling down activity like silent scream therapy on daily basis.

It’s better that we use this technique while driving since it helps you in keeping your eyes open even if you are feeling sleepy. You can keep your eyes fully open and still feel relaxed by doing 5-10 minutes of silent scream sessions every day while driving.

It’s better that we use this technique before starting our meditation routine since it helps in reducing our stress level drastically which eventually increases concentration ability automatically during meditation sessions.

Silent scream therapy is the best way by which we can reduce our pain level without taking any kind of medical intervention. It helps in improving our self-confidence and motivation levels that eventually reduce stress and pain simultaneously.

This is the most effective way to get rid of insomnia in your life because it’s better that you follow a regular silent scream session before going to bed.

We all know how quitting smoking affects our health severely but if we go for 5-10 minutes of silent scream sessions every day then this will not be an issue anymore.

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