My Hero Academia 5×03: the video preview of the episode anticipates a new challenge for 1-A

The prologue of My Hero Academia 5 has finally ended, along with the narrative arc of the Pro Heroes starring Endeavor and Hawks. The anime is finally ready to return to show the actions of Deku and his companions, and the preview of the next episode just anticipates the beginning of a new and highly anticipated saga, that of the clash between classes.

Below you can take a look at the preview of episode 3, which apparently was titled exactly like chapter 195 of the manga, or “Clash: Class A vs. Class B”. The BONES anime continues to adapt approximately three chapters per episode, so we can assume that the arc of the clash between classes will end around episode 5×12, exactly in the middle of the current season.

The preview begins with a discussion between Deku and All Might, in which the two seem to discuss the recent visions of the boy, who continues to see the old owners of One for All in a dream. Subsequently, the two classes are shown as they prepare for training joint, which involves a series of team battles in which a mysterious character will also take part.

Episode 3 of My Hero Academia 5 will air Saturday 10 April exclusively on Crunchyroll Italia. We remind you that to watch the new episode you need to subscribe to the service, or wait a week for the free broadcast.

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