My Hero Academia 5 is a record, it is the most watched premiere of all time

The most anticipated anime of the spring 2021 schedule has finally arrived and, albeit with a summary episode, confirmed that the wait was worth the candle. According to data from My Anime List, the premiere of My Hero Academia Season 5 it is the most viewed of all time.

The first episode of My Hero Academia 5 reminded all viewers why the work of Kohei Horikoshi is one of the most popular in recent years, as well as the most anticipated of this spring season. Although it was a simple introductory episode, the anime has already revealed its cards on the table: a concentrate of epic fights and unique emotions.

The first few minutes of the episode brought viewers to experience the incredible battle between Endeavor, supported by number two Hawks, and High End Nomu. After that, Class 1-A of Yuei High was called to face an emergency training. To the great surprise, to interpret the villains were not, as usual for these situations, simple robots, but the infamous Big Three of the third year: Nejire Hado, Tamaki Hamajiki and Mirio Togata, who however has taken on the role of “victim” to be saved.

Despite a rather barbine figure, the Big Three allowed us to remember in detail the Quirks of all the aspiring heroes of section 1-A, from Deku’s One For All, to Hagakure’s invisibility. An episode that he broke a crazy record: My Hero Academia 5×01 is the “Most Watched TV Premiere of All-Time”. We remind you that in our country the fifth animated season is available in simulcast on Crunchyroll Italy. And you have contributed to this record?

Meanwhile, the second episode of My Hero Academia 5 has already arrived on the streaming platform. Here is who will be the voice actors of the first owner of Mirko’s One For All in My Hero Academia 5.

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