My Hero Academia 5: how has Mirko’s design changed? Here is the comparison with Season 4

My Hero Academia 5×02 marked the return to the scene of Mirko, the heroine number five in the Japanese ranking much loved by readers of the manga. After a first cameo in the latest saga of Season 4, the girl is back in action to save the lives of Endeavor and Hawks shortly after the clash with High End, and apparently its design has received some minor adjustments.

Below you can take a look at the comments of the fans, who as you can see said they were more than satisfied with the work done by the character designers Umakoshi and Odashima. Compared to Season 4, in fact, Mirko looks more muscular, with a slightly lighter complexion and much longer lashes. The voice continues to be that of the 39-year-old Sayaka Kinoshita, who at first seemed to have to give way to another voice actress.

Mirko is also the protagonist, among other things, of the weekly sketch by the author Kohei Horikoshi, which as every year will continue to advertise the release of each new episode with unpublished illustrations. The sketch shows Mirko and Hawks complaining about the smell of Dabi’s flames.

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