My Hero Academia 5: do the titles of the soundtrack contain spoilers?

The first two episodes of the fifth season of My Hero Academia have already met with great success among fans of Horikoshi’s work, and with this frenetic return to the world of Deku and his companions, the titles of the tracks that will make up the soundtrack of the season have also been announced, which seem to contain important spoilers.

As it was shown in the first trailer and confirmed through several posters and key visuals published in recent months, the first story arc that will introduce us to the fifth season will be that of the training clashes between students of Classes 1-A and 1-B, and the titles of the tracks composed by Yuki Hayashi, who has been collaborating with studio Bones since the first season, have anticipated several very important moments. Find below the complete list of the OST of the fifth season:

  • Go, Plus Ultra
  • So Classmate Were Born of Worthy Competition
  • Successor
  • A vs B
  • Quirk Don-Pachi Great Exchange
  • Wait to Inherit
  • The mission of the Stealth Hawk
  • Different Ability Liberation Army
  • My Villain Academia
  • Second Coming
  • Gigantomachy
  • Mine Woman
  • Toga’s Nature
  • Symbol of Fear
  • I Don’t Kill My Friends
  • King-Right
  • Paranormal Liberation Front
  • Sound of the Holidays

Excluding the obvious references to characters such as Toga, Gigantomachia and Re-Destro, there are some traces that can easily connect to important events already seen in the manga, such as Hawk’s mission that must infiltrate the Union of Villains, or even My Villain Academia that foretells some attention probably regarding Shigaraki’s plans.

Recall that the professional wrestler John Cena mentioned the anime on Instagram, and we leave you to our review of the episode 5×02 of My Hero Academia.

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