My Hero Academia 4×24 sets a record: it is the most watched episode of the series

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My Hero Academia it is one of the most popular franchises of the moment in the rising sun. If the manga was not enough to confirm it, after always stellar sales, the anime intervenes to remember it. The share of the seasons so far aired by My Hero Academia have always obtained high values.

It seems however that with My Hero Academia 4×24 the anime has touched new heights. In fact, the weekly ranking of the most watched shows has been published on Videor.co.jp and in the anime band we review the My Hero Academia in the top 10. Usually, the episodes of My Hero Academia have a share that is around 4.5%, similar to that of ONE PIECE. Episode 24, however, reached a 6.0% share record, becoming the most watched episode of the series.

The complete ranking is as follows:

  1. Sazae-san 11.4%
  2. Detective Conan 8.2%
  3. Chibi Maruko-chan 7.8%
  4. My Hero Academia 6.0%
  5. Doraemon 5.7%
  6. Crayon Shin-chan 5.3%
  7. ONE PIECE 5.0%
  8. Gegege no Kitaro 3.6%
  9. Anpanman 3.5%
  10. Healin 'Good ♥ Pretty Cure 3.4%
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My Hero Academia is fourth, behind an unstoppable head trio. Despite this, the work with Deku as a protagonist surpasses milestones such as Doreamon and Crayon Shin-chan. In addition to the season finale, the share spike may be due to Hawks' long-awaited debut. It therefore seems that My Hero Academia 5 will debut in the future with excellent wishes.

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