My Hero Academia 308: the new ability of Deku, how much has he improved?

The latest events of My Hero Academia have completely changed the protagonist, Midoriya, who is now testing her future to thwart Shigaraki’s plans. In order to get stronger, Deku made a drastic decision which nevertheless brought with it some big improvements.

After escaping from UA Deku has become something of a vigilante and his plans are currently very unknown. Kohei Horikoshi in fact, he dedicated these first chapters after time skip in 6 mesi to present the new protagonist, slightly different from how we had seen him so far. Midoriya now appears more self-confident, aware of her powers and her tricks up her sleeve.

Currently, in fact, Deku is starting to make the most of the powers of his predecessors, only in the last chapter has he therefore demonstrated a good command of the quirk of the sixth owner, En, which allowed him to generate a smokescreen against Muscular. In addition, the aspiring Hero managed to combine skills together Floate, Black Whip e Danger Sense, symptom of a great workout that the protagonist has practiced in recent months.

So we just have to wait for the next chapters to know how much Midoriya can still improve, but above all to see how strong he has really become following these last 6 months. And you, on the other hand, what do you think of our hero’s improvement? Let us know with a comment below.

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