My Hero Academia 302: Endeavor entrusts the future of the Todoroki to Shoto

At the end of the violent battle between Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front, in My Hero Academia the Todoroki family is at the center of the cyclone. The Hero Number One Endeavor has been accused of not having been able to defend the population from the villains, but the accusations against the human figure, Enji Todoroki, are far worse.

To cause scandal among the media and to do resurface the demons of the past were the words in Dabi’s vision world. The villain has revealed that he is actually Toya Todoroki, the son Endeavor believed to be dead for some time.

On top of that, Dabi revealed how bad Enji was a father figure and that if he’s a villain it’s his own fault. This led to Endeavor, who was trying to redeem himself to his family, having to face the skeletons in his closet.

From the beginning of the work it is known that the Todoroki family has a particular background. Driven by the frenzy to overcome All Might, Endeavor has left out his wife and children, resorting to violence to force Shoto to follow in his footsteps. Furthermore, his wife Rei is hospitalized for the psychological damage suffered. However, Toya’s return could prompt the family to reunite.

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Forced to the hospital following wounds sustained in battle, Endeavor admits to not being able to fight his son and wanting to leave his Pro Hero days. This decision, however, is temporarily suspended due to the visit to the room of his three children Shoto, Natsuo and Fuyumi, as well as due to the sudden and unexpected appearance of Rei.

After a long and exciting family discussion, in My Hero Academia 302 Enji, bursting into tears, definitively entrusts the future of the family to Shoto, the real hero of the Todoroki. But the aspiring hero does not intend to act alone and urges his father to get up. “When you are done crying, stand up. We have to stop Toya“. My Hero Academia 302 is on Manga Plus.


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