“Money Heist” or “La Casa de Papel” Season 5: Will Professor Die

The most popular series that has been trending among the fans and viewers is “Money Heist”, Spanish crime drama series. There has been a hype among the supporters and followers of the series as soon as season 4 released recently. The series has grown such popularity after the first season did release back on 2 May 2017. it has made remarkable growth and succeeded to complete 4 seasons perfectly. Each season is more fascinating and interesting than the previous one which makes it one of the most popular series.

If you have watched season 4 of the series “Money Heist”, then you will understand how series leaves the viewers. The series finale serves too many loose ends that urges the viewers to play the guessing game. When Nairobi died, all the viewers must be thinking of who is going to be the next character to die in the series. But as there will be no production due to the Coronavirus outbreak, you will have to wait to watch the next part.

Will Professor Die in the series “Money Heist”?

There will definitely be many questions but among them, fans are more curious about this question. Season 4 ends with a major cliffhanger moment. If you did watch the fourth season of the series then you must have experienced the thrill and excitement. Season 4 will leave you craving for more as the tragedic situation arises amid the heist squad.

On one side, heist squad grieves about Nairobi’s death while on the other, The Professor is in bad condition. You will be thrilled to watch the season which will end with the word Checkmate. Alicia spoke the word Checkmate with a gun pointed right in front of The Professor. There is no proof yet to reveal the death of The Professor so you will get to know it when Season 5 will premiere.

Fans have questions like if The Professor is dead, will the heist team capable enough to carry out the heist with success? Will Alicia negotiate with The Professor? Will Manilla kill Arturo for raping Amanda?

All of your questions will be answered with the arrival of the next season of “Money Heist”. If you have not watched Season 1 to 4 yet then you can watch it on Netflix or Click Here.

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