Britney Spears Burned Her House Gym By Mistake? Know What Actually Happened!!

Britney Spears, as you all know, is an American Songwriter, Dancer, and Actress who seems to have the fame she deserves. Born in McComb, Mississippi, this talented singer happens to be the center of attraction all the time. Whenever she is spotted at any place media reveals the entire scenario. So that the fans and followers of Britney Spears can know her whereabouts and lifestyle.

Recently, Britney Spears once again became the topic to gossip about when her house gym got burned down. Yes, there are no traces of humor in this breaking news. The beautiful and charming singer revealed herself how she is responsible for burning down her own house gym. Read the article to know the actual reason behind it.

What Actually Happened To Britney’s House Gym?

If you are a fan of Britney Spears, now 38, born on 2nd December 1981, then you will know about this news. Some days ago, burning down of her house gym was all over the media, thanks to the internet. As you know, it is essential for every celebrity to stay fit and have a wonderful figure that their fans will love. Britney did invest a great fortune to have her own house gym.

Britney Spears revealed that it was her own mistake due to which her house gym burned down. She finally talks about it by posting a video on her Instagram account about how it all happened.

The American singer confesses with an IGTV video in which she said that it all did happen with just two candles. She tells everyone about how she walked past the door of her house gym and the flames boom. It is really sad that Britney has now only two gym equipment left to exercise and a mirror. She assures that it was an accident and thankfully nobody got hurt as soon as the fire alarms went off. After assuring herself that she loves doing exercise outside her house, she did some exercises in the video.

The other half of the video contains some exercising and sweating which is inspiring fans of Britney Spears. But you can have a look at her IGTV video as it is shown below.

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