Mitsuri Kanroji of Demon Slayer is shown in a new all-Italian cosplay

The Demon Slayer universe is currently completely at a standstill. With the manga finished a few months ago, the story remains to be produced only in an animated version. With only 6 volumes adapted, a new step forward will be given by the Demon Slayer movie coming in October in Japanese cinemas.

Unfortunately, it will take some time before we see all the pillars in action. Among these warriors is the beautiful Mitsuri Kanroji, a girl apparently shy but with a very showy look, from pink and green hair to a prosperous body that certainly catches the eye. The girl so far has only appeared in Demon Slayer in the first part of the anime, with the first meeting of the pillars we have witnessed.

So far we have shown it to you with the cosplay of the Italian Cynnamon Nya. But there is also another Italian who has recently stepped into the role of the swordsman, namely Kiara. The girl presented hers on Instagram cosplay di Mitsuri Kanroji, showing us a three-quarter length bust in which face and chest stand out. But attention must also be paid to the dress itself and the attention to detail that can be seen with this shot.

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Meanwhile, the world of Demon Slayer has gotten its movie adaptation, once again confirming its popularity.


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