Mindhunter season 3 premiere on Netflix? Release Date, Cast, and What to Expect

Mindhunter season 3 premiere on Netflix? Release Date, Cast, and What to Expect


Mindhunter is a crime thriller released on Netflix in 2017. It had an instant fan following in line with the suspense and thrill they got to watch. The story revolves around the FBI who have been researching the mindsets of serial killers in custody so that they can know the others who are still to be arrested and prevent any future crimes. The recording of season 3 has currently been put on hold due to the fact that the maker of the series David Fincher is busy with other tasks.


Presently, the primary cast of Mindhunter Season -3 has been released from the agreement so that they can look for other jobs. The primary cast includes Jonathan Groff, Holt MacCallany, and Anna Torv. The sources say that production house is expected to return to the original cast decided for the season but surely they will have to take into consideration any other work agreements the casts would be working on that time. Other star casts expected to be included are Stacey Roca, Joe Tuttle.

Release date

The production has postponed the release date of the season indefinitely but according to sources, the work that is Fincher currently working on is expected to get over by 2021, and looking at the then last season took to be shot, seacasts3 should be released somewhere in 2022.

What to expect

No official announcement on the storyline has been done by the production house or any lead actors due to the hold on the season. The fans were excited to watch their favorite series in the next season. Though they hope to have been put on hold we are definitely hoping to get the season released very soon. Let’s keep out fingers crossed till then!

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