Happy Birthday Captain Tsubasa: Holly & Benji turns 40

Among the Japanese sports works it is undeniable that Capitan Tsubasa: Holly & Benji by Yoichi Takahashi is one of the most emblematic titles of the genre. The series has in fact accompanied the growth of entire generations of fans and, with today’s day, officially turns 40 years old.

Even today Captain Tsubasa is talked about, just think of the recent Captain Tsubasa Magazine, a symptom of the extraordinary popularity that manga still enjoys today in the Rising Sun and throughout the world. Still, it’s amazing how Takahashi sensei’s masterpiece made the history of the genre, from a manga point of view, in its long 40 years of history.

The author has thus created a sketch for the occasion accompanied by a post in which he thanks the readers for all the support shown so far. Furthermore, the sensei is particularly pleased that football has become more popular in Japan over the past 20 years as he hoped his work would increase interest in the sport.

In any case, we just have to congratulate his great masterpiece which continues to be expanded with new chapters in his Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun which has been going on since 2013. And you, instead, what do you think of this incredible anniversary reached? from the manga of Yoichi Takahashthe? Let us know with a comment below.

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