Miitopia, on sale for Nintendo Switch on May 21

Go on a hilarious journey with your favorite Mii characters in Mythopia for Nintendo Switch. The game will be on sale on May 21th.

The world of Miitopia is inhabited by Mii characters! Whether it’s a brave hero, a beautiful princess, or even the evil Archmage, you decide what role each character plays in the story! You can take your best friends with you to help you out in the fighting, dress up your grandfather as a king or turn your mother into the bad guy. The choice is in your hands!

In the world of Miitopia, relationships are key, so spend time with your allies to bond. This can help you in the fighting, but if the relationship doesn’t work out… things can get really ugly!

The Nintendo Switch version includes new features, such as the makeup and wigs option for your Mii: make them look good! And that’s not all: now you also have an ally horse. Take care of it with care, and it will surely give you a leg in combat.


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