New promotional image for the fifth season of My Hero Academia

The fifth season of My hero academia will premiere on March 27, 2021 - anime news - 2021 anime premieres - Latin shonen anime recommendations

On March 27, the fifth season of My Hero Academia and from their website they remind us with a new promotional image illustrated by Yoshihiko Imakoshi, character designer for the anime, and in which we can see classes 1-A and 1-B of the UA in action.

New promotional image for the fifth season of My Hero Academia - anime news - anime premieres 2021 - watch anime online - anime shonen latino - anime recommendations

This new season will be covering the arc of “Joint Training”From the original manga that pits class 1A against class 1B.

The fourth season of My Hero Academia (Boku no hero Academia) It had 25 episodes, these being from 64 to 88, all the previous chapters have been legally followed through Crunchyroll via simulcast, however, for licensing reasons, the first three seasons have already been withdrawn from its catalog and currently can be viewed on Funimation.

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You can buy the manga edited by Panini on Amazon! (Link)

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