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Mía Rubín, daughter of Andrea Legarrera, tells how her XV years will be

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Andrea Legarreta commented earlier that this year would be very special for her and her beautiful family. "2020 is going to be a very special year for us because Erik and I will be celebrating, in April, 20 years of marriage, then it will be a very special year, besides, it's the XV years of Mine, and well, things come wonderful. "

In an interview with the program Sale el Sol de Imagen Televisión, Mía Rubín told how she wishes to celebrate the so-called "age of illusions". Although most of the girls dream of a big party, wearing their desired dress, with their chambelanas and all that, Andrea Legarreta's youngest daughter thinks of something different.

We want to go on a trip, but we still don't know where, but I do want to spend it with my family, somewhere else, and be the four, that's what I love most.

Although the future quinceañera does not know exactly where in the world she would travel, she would like to return to Japan. "A few years ago we went to Japan and it was impressive, and I would really like to come back."

On the other hand, Mía Rubín works on her next release as a singer, having a great teacher, her father Erik Rubín. "We recorded three tracks, right now we are looking for a director to make the video and I think that we will launch it in March or February," said Timbiriche in an interview.

On Instagram, Mia has more than half a million followers, a social network where she shares photographs where she leaves as evidence to have inherited the beauty of her mother Andrea Legarreta.


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