May I Help You? Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

South Korean director Shim Soo Yeon and writer Lee Hye Ri have created the fantasy and romantic comedy series May I Help You? for MBC TV. The series uses the enchantment of a little bit of fiction to convey the story of two distinct characters, Baek Dong and Kim Tae Hee, and their unconventional love relations.

On October 19, 2022, the first two episodes of the fantasy series May I Help You? premiered. Fans of Korean dramas all over the world have flocked to this fantasy rom-com and refused to move on after the first season. Fans want to know when Season 2 will premiere, as well as details about the plot, characters, and other personnel involved.

May I Help You? Season 2 Renewal Status

Season 2 of May I Help You is likely to be renewed, but the network has not yet made it official. Some fans, though, worry that the show won’t be back for a second season. Fans and experts alike have praised this show as outstanding among current offerings on television.

May I Help You? Season 2 Release Date

May I Help You? premiered on October 19, 2022, with a regular showing schedule of two episodes per week until December 21, 2022. There is always a distinct subset of drama watchers that prefer fantasy K-dramas. The audience has also found this series entertaining, giving it a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb and a 4.7 rating from viewers. The fans of Korean dramas are so happy with May I Help You? that they want more.

Can I be of Service? The premiere date for Season 2 has not been set. The premiere has just concluded, thus it would be premature to announce the show’s renewal for a second season. But the South Korean drama style doesn’t allow for more than one season unless there’s a lot of demand from viewers. It’s possible that the series will return for a second season sometime in 2023.

May I Help You? Storyline

On October 19, 2022, the premiere episode of the Korean drama series May I Help You was broadcast. There are elements of fantasy, romance, and humor in the program. Baek Dong Ju worked as a mortician, and shockingly, she had the ability to communicate with the departed. Since she must possess a unique talent, the deceased communicated with her in order to have their final wishes fulfilled.

May I Help You? Cast

  • Lee Hye-ri as Baek Dong-ju, a funeral director who gives everything in order to fulfill the last wishes of the deceased.
  • Lee Jun-young as Butler Kim/Kim Tae-hee, the only employee of Ildangbaek, which is a daily errand service.
  • Song Duk-ho as Seo Hae-ahn, a police officer.
  • Lee Kyu-han as Vincent, the youngest and troubled uncle of Butler Kim and the CEO of Ildangbaek.
  • Tae In-ho as Im Il-seop, a funeral director.
  • Park Soo-young as Baek Dal-sik, Baek Dong-ju’s father.
  • Oh Dae-hwan as Michael Baek, Baek Dong-ju’s uncle and chief priest of Bongsu-dong Temple.
  • Seo Hye-won as Yoo So-ra, Baek Dong-ju’s friend.
  • Ahn Hyun-ho as Hyun Jeong-hwa
  • Han Dong-hee as Tak Chung-ha, Butler Kim’s ex-girlfriend and doctor of emergency medicine.
  • Ahn Nae-sang as Kim Jun-ho, the taxi driver died in an accident and lost the trust of his son.
  • Jo Ah-young as Park Seo-rin, a Student who died young from illness.
  • Kim Ha-eon as Kim Jun-ho, Kim Tae-hee’s younger brother.
  • Seo Young-hee as Choi Yeon-hee

May I Help You? Season 2 Plot

Can I be of Service? centers on Baek Dong Ju, who has the ability to see the dead and must therefore fulfill their final requests, and Kim Tae Hee, who works in an errand store and gives his all to each customer. What will happen if these two very different people fell completely in love with one another? Is Kim Tae Hee going to run away in terror after learning Baek Dong Ju’s secret, or will this just be another exciting episode in her otherwise mundane love story with Dong Ju?

In stark contrast to most women, Baek Dong Ju works as a funeral director. She has the ability to communicate with the dead and grant their final requests, and if she chooses to disregard this gift, bad fate befalls her. Now that he has no other options, Baek Dong Ju must aid the departed. Kim Tae Hee, meanwhile, is an unassuming man who works at his uncle’s errand store and does his best to be of service to his customers.

Fans’ hearts are warmed by the pleasant ending of May I Help You?, in which Baek Dong Ju and Kim Tae Hee agree to grant the wishes of the recently deceased. The second season of May I Help You? has not started filming. Since a renewal for a second season has not been ordered, everything is possible.

May I Help You? Season 2 Trailer

As season 2 of May I Help You has not yet been renewed, there is no trailer available for it. The trailer will be made accessible alongside the renewal announcement.

May I Help You? Season 1 Rating

Everyone evaluates a program based on its rating. The popularity of a show among viewers is usually the strongest predictor of how long it will remain on air. The better the ratings, the greater the likelihood of success. The average audience rating on Mydramalist is 8.2, which is not far off from the 8.1 that the show has on IMDb.

Where to watch May I Help You?

Do you want to find a great Korean drama to watch? If you’re looking for a good show, look no further than ‘May I Help You,’ a smash hit in South Korea. The good news is that you can now watch this classic series on Amazon Prime Video! All of Season 1’s 16 episodes are readily available to subscribers.

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