Marvel Heroes Reborn: The Supreme Squadron shows up in this special trailer

Looking forward to the return of Heroes Reborn, Marvel Comics has released a spectacular new trailer to introduce the comic series that will revolutionize the Universe that readers know. In a world without the Avengers, the Supreme Squadron takes care of defending Planet Earth.

Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness will try to rework the story created in the nineties in a completely new way. Wakanda is just a myth, Captain America never awakened, and Tony Stark never managed to build the Iron Man armor. Everything readers give for certain about the Marvel Universe in Heroes Reborn will be shocked.

This story really has nothing to do with the original Heroes Reborn event“Aaron told the ComicBook portal.”This new edition offers a profoundly and fundamentally different vision of the Marvel Universe in some ways. I’m pretty confident in saying it’s a world unlike any version of the Marvel U we’ve ever seen before“.

Maybe it’s the craziest story I’ve ever put on paper. I got rid of my inner child growing up with comics in a really profound way and together with a group of immensely imaginative artists, we built a world quite different from any other version of the Marvel universe..

To accompany the upcoming launch, scheduled for May 5, Marvel has released a spectacular one trailer di Heroes Reborn #1 in which the salient points of the plot are highlighted. “In a world without the Avengers, everything you know is reborn!Meanwhile, John Romita Jr. is back at Marvel. The illustrator could take care of Extreme Carnage, the Marvel sequel to King in Black due out in July.

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