How many episodes will My Hero Academia 5 have? here is the exact number

So far Studio Bones has done a great job with the animated adaptation of My Hero Academia, giving justice and a voice to some of the most memorable events in Kohei Horikoshi’s script. Anyway, the fifth season has just made its debut and will be with us for several weeks.

The first episode of My Hero Academia 5 was a filler, a special episode that nevertheless opened the dance in grand style, with an excellent technical sector, for the new events that from this moment on will characterize Blanket and his fellow Hero wannabes. Fans were impressed with Episode 1 and started hoping that BONES manages to maintain the same high level of quality for the entire duration of production.

In the past few hours, on the official website, the first information for the sales of the home video edition has emerged which have brought with them a pleasant news: according to official data, therefore, My Hero Academia 5 will have 25 episodes and will accompany us for two cour, consequently until the end of September or beginning of October. All in all, an ideal number to better adapt one of the most important sagas to better understand future events.

And you, on the other hand, did you expect a season of over 20 episodes? Tell us what you think, as usual, with a comment in the dedicated box at the bottom of the page, but not before taking a look at this bizarre oversight in 5×01.

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