Maisie Williams Starring Disney’s X-Men Spin Off Will Now Release In August!!

It is surely going to shower fans and viewers with excitement when reading the news about The New Mutants. The horror-tinged X-Men Spinoff will be going to release in theatres on 28 August this year. Yes, fans can now get ready to enjoy and experience thrill, action, excitement, along with entertainment once again in the X-Men Spinoff. Disney did announce that The New Mutants will be premiering in August this year.

According to the Hollywood reporter, one of the most exciting movies that fans and viewers have been eagerly waiting for is up for a spring release earlier. But the release dates of the X-men Spinoff was then rescheduled. It is surely because of the Coronavirus pandemic that the entire world is suffering currently. Disney productions did inherit the film after acquiring 20th Century Fox.

The New Mutants Releases Soon In August

This upcoming film will surely be going to be one of the most exciting and amazing movies releasing this year. “The New Mutants” is beautifully directed by Josh Boone and it will be much more interesting than you can imagine. The movie is all about a young group of mutants that are struggling to find their way out from the secret facility. Fans and viewers will also be able to have their hopes high after watching the amazing story plot of the movie.

This upcoming movie of Disney is going to be featuring several actors having amazing talents and acting skills. The cast members will include Anya Taylor Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, and Blu Hunt. Along with all these amazing actors, Maisie Williams (Game Of Thrones Actor) will be playing a leading role. Maisie Williams believes it an amazing opportunity to prove that she can take acting skills to a whole new level.

All the fans and viewers are waiting eagerly for the movie “The New Mutants” to watch in theatres soon. But you will surely have to wait as the movie is going to premiere on 28 August.

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