“Lovecraft Country” Episode 2: Where It Leads The Interesting Story?

The second episode of “Lovecraft Country” is out now and it fleshed out the backstory to double down the bizarre. Read the article to know about the easter eggs and references to “Whitey’s or The Moon”.

If you did watch the first episode of the “Lovecraft Country” series, then you must know that the series is gradually picking up from where it left the viewers in the season finale of the previous season. The first episode is perfectly built to its climax as Tic, Leti, and Uncle George are continuing their search.

They are surely looking for Tic’s missing father while dealing with the institutional racism of sundown counties. In the first episode, viewers can also see that Tic and the team are up against the cops who are enforcing their curfews. So the last ten minutes of the very first episode of season 2 get all orgy of blood and violence. It was when shoggoths with multiple eyes eat the policemen who are about to execute our favorite characters.

About Second Episode of “Lovecraft Country”

The second episode did premiere on 23 August and it did not hold the storyline as the first episode. Episode 2 gradually moves forward to resolve all the questions of the series of all time. Tic’s father, Montrose was found and learned about Tic’s secret lineage and mysterious personality. Viewers also did discover the purpose of the German cult who did imprison him. There was also a major death of the main character that viewers will have to experience while watching the second episode.

In this world of “Lovecraft Country”, anything and everything is possible with magic and wizardry powers. Characters are capable of doing almost anything from erasing memories to creating invisible barriers. Episode 2 is indeed a lot to take in one episode which is why viewers are wondering what will happen next. The further episodes will focus more on discovering everything about the cult and gradually how the fantasy world works.

Fans and viewers can literally feel the excitement running through the veins while watching the second episode. They are currently waiting for the third episode of the second season of “Lovecraft Country” to premiere. Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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