Losing Alice Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far

Written by Sigal Avin, ‘Losing Alice’ is a psychological thriller about a director named Alice who becomes obsessed with a young lady named Sophie after a chance meeting. Alice’s interest in Sophie grows as she comes to know her, and she soon can’t help but become completely enamored with her. As the movie progresses, the protagonist, played by the eponymous Sophie, gets increasingly nervous as she struggles to make sense of the complicated relationships between Sophie, Alice, and Alice’s husband.

The first season of ‘Losing Alice’ received high marks for its compelling plotting and excellent character growth. There is now a dedicated following for the show, who may be hoping for a continuation. If you, too, are curious about a potential second season of “Losing Alice,” read on!

Losing Alice Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of Losing Alice season 1 aired in 2020. It went on to be picked up for a second season. Unfortunately, we have no news concerning Season 2 at this time. The producers of the show have not yet revealed when Season 2 will premiere.

A possible release date for the season is late 2023 or early 2024. There have been whispers that the premiere date for the series will be in December 2022. Hoping for the best! If this is true, that would be great. Nothing can be said about the upcoming season until the creators of the show make an official announcement. The number of episodes in Season 2 will remain the same as in Season 1. Each one lasts around 40-45 minutes.

Losing Alice Storyline

The series follows Alice, a filmmaker who is 48 years old but no longer full of life. She is exhausted from her job, her family, and her role as co-parent to her three girls with David. Her actor hubby is her pride and joy. She meets Sophie, a twentysomething aspiring enchantress, and playwright, on the train. Sophie hopes that Alice will direct her entire script because she is a huge fan of Alice’s.

Alice is so moved by Sophie’s talent and poise that she incorporates her into every aspect of her life, even the bedroom. At first, everything seems normal, but later on, it turns out that nothing is as it seems. Alice’s tranquil existence is shattered, and she is thrust into a world of conflict. Alice sees the negative and gloomy side of Sophie quite quickly. As the plot develops, though, unexpected developments emerge. Her life has become a tangled web, and she has no idea who is pulling who, who is hurting, who is headed for a disastrous end, or who is the true badass.

Losing Alice Cast and characters

  • Ayelet Zurer as Alice
  • Lihi Kornowski as Sophie
  • Gal Toren as David
  • Shai Avivi as Ami
  • Chelli Goldenberg as Tami
  • Nova Doval as Keren
  • Yossi Marshek as Tamir

Losing Alice Season 2 Plot

At the end of Season 1, Alice has made a heartbreaking discovery. In the season finale, she must face her false beliefs regarding her friend Sophie’s death. Alice has become despondent and sees no future for herself. She has children who can support her through the death of Sophie, despite the instability of her relationship with David.

The second season of ‘Losing Alice will have more time to explore Alice and David’s relationship. Her paranoia has been an integral part of the first season, and it is likely that it will be explored more in order to develop the plot. The show can introduce new characters, and Alice may find a new partner if she stops repressing her sexual urges. Season 2 of ‘Losing Alice will probably keep certain aspects of mystery in the future regardless of the decision the makers make.

Losing Alice Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no Season 2 of Losing Alice trailer available. You may see the Season 1 trailer here until it is released:

Where to watch Losing Alice Season 2

Before airing on any other network, Season 2 of Losing Alice will premiere on the primary platform, Apple TV+. Apple TV+ has not changed its schedule as of yet due to the lack of an official release date. Also, the first season made its debut on Apple TV+. That means you can watch every episode right there. Before the new season premieres, catch up on any episodes you may have missed.

Losing Alice Season 1 Review

Like Alice in Wonderland before it, Losing Alice relies on its audience falling into the rabbit hole. This grandiose Israeli production evokes a neon-noir aesthetic while maintaining a darkly sexual undercurrent. This level of ambition does not always translate well to the tiny screen, but it does result in a truly original show. In the end, this is the series’ driving theme, as we delve into Alice and David’s marriage. They seem to have the perfect relationship, and with children, promising careers, and a spacious new home, it’s up to femme fatale Sophie to cause trouble.

The series does a good job of keeping you at arm’s length, making you wonder who can be trusted and why Alice’s sanity is questioned more than once. In several scenes, Alice’s mental state spills over into the visuals, creating hallucinogenic illusions and aesthetically beautiful sequences.

Losing Alice had the potential to be one of the best thrillers of the year had it been edited down to a more manageable 6 episodes. Although it falls short of the “must-see” status it claims for itself, this Israeli series is still an intriguing and artistic endeavor in which it is easy to become immersed.

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