Longmire Season 7: Will It Ever Going To Happen?

Formerly broadcast on A&E, the American crime drama series “Longmire” can now be seen streaming on Netflix. Based on the novels of best-selling American novelist Craig Allen Johnson, the Walt Longmire Mystery series has 20 volumes as of 2018. The show was created by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin. The program, like the novels it’s based on, follows Sheriff Walt Longmire as he goes about solving crimes and experiencing new adventures.

Longmire Season 7

‘Longmire’ is an established series that has been airing on A&E since its first season began on June 3, 2012. Season 1 was praised upon its first airing for the show’s pacing and the acting of its cast members. A&E aired two more successful seasons of the program in the two years that followed. A&E canceled ‘Longmire’ following its third season despite the show’s popularity. A&E reconsidered canceling ‘Longmire’ after fans organized one of the greatest save-the-show campaigns in history. A&E may have ignored viewers, but someone else heard the roar.

After Netflix purchased the rights to ‘Longmire’ and announced it would be producing new episodes three months later, the series was given a second chance. A year and a half later, on September 10, 2015, Season 4 of ‘Longmire’ debuted on Netflix, with Seasons 5 and 6 following on September 23, 2016, and November 17, 2017, respectively. We regret to inform you that ‘Longmire’ will not be returning to television. Continue reading to find out.

Longmire Season 7 Renewal Status

On November 17, 2017, Netflix debuted the sixth season of the Western drama series Longmire. We regret to tell the audience that the network has officially announced that Season 6 will be the last season. The seventh season of Longmire will not include its return.

The creators of the program, Greer Shephard, Hunt Baldwin, and John Coveny, released a statement thanking Netflix for the chance to write a proper send-off for their iconic characters. Most importantly, we’re dedicated to giving our devoted audience a thrilling and rewarding ending. Therefore, the latest information suggests that Longmire will not be returning.

Why was it canceled?

When viewing numbers drop too low, producers often make the difficult decision to pull the plug. For Longmire, such was not the case. In terms of original scripted cable television, the show’s second season was an anomaly, with an average of over six million people each episode on A&E. However, ratings declined, leading to the show’s cancellation. For example, the season three finale only averaged 3.7 million viewers and 0.6 in the key 18-to-49-year-old demographic, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The former is a very respectable figure, while the latter is a little underwhelming. In contrast, Breaking Bad’s first four seasons averaged less than two million viewers each episode while Mad Men’s never surpassed three million. New seasons airing on AMC didn’t start seeing an uptick in viewership until after the latter series arrived on Netflix. Even though Longmire’s ratings had declined over time, the show’s cancellation by A&E still came as something of a shock. According to Deadline’s reporting, the network canceled the program after three seasons because its target demographic was too elderly and the show was created by an independent studio, making it less profitable for the broadcaster.

The Longmire Cast and characters

  • Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire
  • Katee Sackhoff as Victoria “Vic” Moretti
  • Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear
  • Bailey Chase as Branch Connally
  • Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longmire
  • Adam Bartley as Archie “The Ferg” Ferguson
  • Louanne Stephens as Ruby
  • Zahn McClarnon as Chief Mathias
  • A Martinez as Jacob Nighthorse
  • Bob Clendenin as Jamie DeBell
  • Gerald McRaney as Barlow Connally
  • Peter Weller as Lucian Connally
  • Tamara Duarte as Mandy Plitt
  • Stephen Louis Grush as Monte Ford
  • Currie Graham as Kevin Morris
  • Lew Temple as Archer Loftus
  • Mary Wiseman as Meg
  • Eric Ladin as Mayor Sawyer Crane
  • Brett Rice as Tucker Baggett
  • Dylan Walsh as Shane Muldoon
  • Dan Donohue as Eddie Harp
  • Patch Darragh as Dave Milgrom
  • Raphael Sbarge as Agent Decker
  • Marylouise Burke as Beverly Joyce
  • Mike Pniewski as Judge Clarence Drood

The Longmire Plot: What’s it about?

Sheriff Walt Longmire is chronicled in the program one year after the loss of his wife. Walt attempts to put his sadness and loneliness over her death behind him by dedicating himself to police work. Walt, with the help of his pal Henry, resolves a number of law enforcement problems in Wyoming’s fictitious Absaroka County.

However, things become more difficult for Walt when the truth about his wife’s death is revealed. Walt had known all along that she had been killed, but he never told his daughter Cady or anyone else the truth. After the truth is revealed, the drama escalates and we learn that the prime suspect was also killed. Walt claims he is innocent, but the evidence leads to his Cheyenne buddy Henry as the real killer. The plot develops, as Walt faces more challenges in his career and personal life, as well as the drama and mystery regarding the murder of his wife. Nonetheless, Walt’s professional and personal lives are slowly being revitalized with the passing of each season.

What happened in Longmire Season 6?

We all recall Vic being pregnant at the conclusion of Season 5; however, she was not yet prepared to bring a life into this world, and so, after being shot, she miscarried. Season 6 of Longmire focused on dealing with death, and through her pregnancy and grief, she added nuance to her part on TV, which made us love the program even more.

There is romantic chemistry between Walt and Vic in the books, and many felt that it should be explored in the TV adaptation. Longmire Season 6 provided some fan service for those who wanted Walt and Vic to be together, despite the fact that some viewers do not think they deserve to be together and others assert the exact opposite.

After the incident with Walt, we see Vic talking to her father about what it’s like to be a “woman” and the loss of her kid. By the end of the series finale, Vic has made significant strides forward. A trim housewife, she wears a girly costume and follows Walt on his walk in the woods. We’re curious about Season 7 of Longmire.

Where can I watch Longmire?

Netflix is where you can find the program.

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