Link Click Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know Far

The animated series Link Click debuted in China in 2021 with the title Shi Guang Dai Li Ren. A couple of shopkeepers named Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang have the ability to teleport into images. They combine their abilities to grant clients’ requests and reveal secrets within photographs. Altering the photographs could have disastrous consequences in the here and now.

A possessed Qiao Ling stabs Lu Guang to death at the conclusion of Season 1. They discovered too late that another person has identical abilities to their own and was actively abusing them. It’s been over two years since that shocking ending, but everything is going to be all right. You won’t have to wait too long, as we now know when Season 2 of Link Click will be available.

Link Click Season 2 Release Date

It was directed by Li Haoling and premiered in Mandarin on April 30, 2021. Season one is out there, and we need information on season two ASAP. So, let’s get started right now. The premiere episode of Link Click aired on April 30, 2021, while the final episode aired on July 9, 2021. There were 12 episodes in total, plus a 2021 special.

The news of the sequel has fans clamoring for more. There is good news and negative news to share. The good thing is that it was renewed for a second season, but the bad news is that we still don’t know when to expect Season 2 of Link Click.

Link Click Storyline

The first season of Link Click follows the exploits of Time photo studio entrepreneurs Lu Guang and Cheng. In other words, he can go back in time to the instant the picture was shot. Lu Guang is Cheng’s studio mate and helps him out with his everyday tasks. Everything that happened around the time the snapshot was taken may be traced back to its original source by him. However, there is a catch: the photo he receives must have been taken within the past 12 hours.

The series finale had spectators on the edge of their seats. There is someone else out there who can hold their own against Lu Guang and Cheng. After a struggle between the protagonist Lu Guang and the murderer, it is revealed that the latter is really an agent who has been recruited by someone for all of the killings. This monumental disclosure has flipped the script, allowing viewers to better understand what was going on.

If you like animated shows with a wide variety of themes, including action, mystery, and the occult, you’ll love this series. The first season of Link Click is exciting and entertaining to watch since it features exciting and mysterious stories.

Link Click Cast and characters

  • Cheng Xiaoshi Voiced by: Su Shangqing(Chinese), Alejandro Saab, Xanthe Huynh(young)(English)
    The owner of Time Photo Studio. His ability is to enter the photo world and possess a designated person, and can control all the words and actions of that person.
  • Lu Guang Voiced by: Yang Tianxiang(Chinese), Zeno Robinson(English)
    An associate of Time Photo Studio.
  • Qiao Ling Voiced by: Li Shimeng(Chinese), Suzie Yeung(English)
    Cheng Xiaoshi’s childhood friend and landlord and also the agent of Time Photo Studio.
  • Emma / Wú Lìhuá Voiced by: Zhào Yìtóng(Chinese), Xanthe Huynh(English)
    Overworked secretary to the CFO at Quede Games (formerly) and client of Time Photo Studio.
  • Yu Xia Voiced by: Qián Chēn(Chinese), Morgan Garrett(English)
  • Lin Zhen Voiced by: Niè Xīyìng(Chinese), Jad Saxton(English)
  • Chen Xiao Voiced by: Wāi Wāi(Chinese)
  • Liu Lei Voiced by: Gǔ Jiāngshān(Chinese)
  • Lu Hongbin Voiced by: Guān Shuài(Chinese), Brandon McInnis(English)
  • Doudou Voiced by: Zǐ Zǐ(Chinese), Cherami Leigh(English)
  • Xiao Li Voiced by: Tútè Hāméng(Chinese), Christopher Sabat(English)
  • Xu Shanshan Voiced by: Zhào Shuǎng(Chinese), Caitlin Glass(English)
  • Dong Yi Voiced by: Jīn Xián(Chinese)
  • Liu Min Voiced by: Sūn Lùlù(Chinese), Daman Mills (English)

Link Click Season 2 Plot

The anime series Link Click was not inspired by a light novel or manga (or manhua, as it was created in China). So, you won’t be able to just open a book and read the synopsis for Link Click: Season 2 to find out what happens. We only have the trailer to go on. The trailer gives the impression that Lu Guang died as a result of Season 1’s events. Many others, however, have concluded that this is merely a red herring because of how strongly it is being hinted at.

Trailers depict Cheng Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling on the quest for the unknown criminal, regardless of what happens to Lu Guang. The nameless entity who committed several atrocities and ultimately decided Lu Guang’s destiny can likewise inhibit others.

Link Click Season 2 Trailer

A teaser has been made public and may be viewed on the website YouTube.

Link Click Season 1 Rating

On MyAnimeList, which has around 72,426 users, Link Click has an 8.79 average rating and is rated #34 in terms of popularity.IMDb users gave the show an 8.6/10 rating based on their comments, Letterboxd gave it 4.3/5, the audience rating summary gave it 5/5, Crunchyroll gave it 5/5, and 96% of Google users said they would recommend it.

Where to watch Link Click Season 2?

You may watch the first season of Link Click on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and, of course, Bilibili before the release of the second season. Season 2 has not been confirmed for either Crunchyroll or Funimation. Since Bilibili is also one of the show’s producers, it’s quite likely that the show will be available to stream on their platform.

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