Lightning Degree Chapter 180 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Lightning Degree Chapter 180 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

While he heals from his wounds, we will watch Ryeong engage in combat with other adversaries.

After a chapter full of extensive talk and few story beats, there will finally be some action in the fighting.

The maturing series has evolved in an adventure manhwa in which Ryu visits many locations.

However, this is expected to change in Lightning Degree Chapter 174, when Ryu Yeon sets out to save Ryeong.

The reason for all this is because his mentor found him and passed on the skill. But rather than the genre, Ryu’s unbelieveable visage is one in the most remarkable aspects of the series.

But rather than one’s appearance, one’s intentions and actions are what really count. Furthermore, the master of rapid steps has a very different perspective. He reminds me a lot of the Manhwa protagonist from other series.

Lightning Degree Chapter 133: Ryu-Yeon had to see his father’s death at the age of ten due to a medical condition.

He had the ability to carve wood in incredibly complex sculptures because to the expertise he acquired from his father.

One day after Ryu-Yeon had done sculpting his parents, a very old man came up to him and expressed his amazement at the sculptures which Ryu-Yeon had made.

Ryu-Yeon was asked whether he would be drawn to being one of his followers by the wise old man, who saw his potential.

Ryu-Yeon chose to accept the old man’s offer because he wanted to live life to the fullest and had nowhere else to go.

I don’t usually write reviews, however this manga has caught my attention since, in addition to being wildly underappreciated for a work of Masterpiece quality, hardly anyone talks about it.

This story, in contrast to most others, features superb writing and a protagonist who faces obstacles rather than receiving an unfair advantage.

I don’t really care as long is the artwork is adequate. Even though this manhwa’s artwork is similar to other manhwas, there is a great deal of detail in each photo.

Lightning Degree Chapter 180 Release Date

On December 17, 2023, Lightning Degree, Chapter 180, will be available everywhere. Indian readers can access Chapter 180 at 4:30 p.m. IST, while Korean readers can access the new chapter at 8:00 p.m. KST. Lightning Degree is a weekly Naver Webtoon that is published every Friday, much like other manhwas.

Lightning Degree Chapter 180 Trailer

Lightning Degree Chapter 180 Plot

When Ryu-ten Yeon was only 10 years old, her father passed away from a disease.

With the skill he had acquired from his father, he could sculpt wood and create incredibly intricate sculptures.

An older man that was infatuated with Ryu-Yeon’s parents came up to him one day after he had completed the sculptures of them.

Since Ryu-Yeon had no where else to go and was determined to maximize the most of his life, he chose to accept the elder man’s offer.

Ryu-Yeon commended him for his services right away. The old man asked Ryu-Yeon whether he were interested in become his disciple after realizing his ability.

The second gate leads to the frightful wall, and apprentice Yong-kyung, a 18-year-old with thick eyebrows and unkempt hair, must pass it. He had to forfeit a lovely marriage in order to stay away from turning into a vicious killer.

In a challenging circumstance, Ryu-Yeon, the third opponent, fears for his wife-in-law. Ryu replied to them both that in both situations, the decision of who survives and who dies would be left to his discretion.

Hairong was recommended to try it by the elderly man. She exuded charm and energy. After hearing the command, Hairong reached behind him and produced one of his two swords. Because he can’t stay in shape, he is certain that he will fail.

When studying to pass the test, the student can discover that he has spent excessive time in a hostile atmosphere. When he leaves it go, he discovers a dark stone with a blood-red blade concealed beneath the wall.

Ryu asks the red-haired man what he would do if he were to kill everyone outside in Lightning Degree Chapter 173. The man with red hair enquired as to whether he would murder everyone or nobody.

Then, Ryu puts Ryung into a gloomy flashback by telling the red-haired man he actually knows his name.

When Ryu tells him he doesn’t care, he snaps out of the situation and brings us back to the present. Ryeong opens up to dan and makes a request as a result.

Subsequently, we witness several characters engaging in lengthy conversations that eventually quiet down as Ryo begins to play the Zither.

Renowned performers such as Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters frequently reprise their roles over the seasons.

Despite everyone’s confusion, Ryu carried on with their chat while playing the zither.

When band Zither stops playing, they all realize they are starving for some delicious food and end their talk.

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