Light the Night Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The two female protagonists of the Taiwanese criminal series “Light the Night” own a Taipei nightclub with a Japanese motif, where they serve the needs of rich businessmen. The story follows Rose and Sue as they navigate their tight friendship in the 1980s. Some of their differences stem from the fact that their love stories and histories are intertwined.

Sometimes referred to as “Blue Hour,” this mystery series has a captivating murder mystery element that more than makes up for its soapier-than-typical and slower-paced presentation. Not only has it been well-received by reviewers, but it has also amassed a loyal and expanding fan following.

The criminal drama first aired on November 26, 2021, and three seasons have since been released. Let us provide all the facts we have acquired on the probable fourth season if you are seeking specifics!

Light the Night Season 4 Release Date

The third season of “Light the Night” premiered on March 18, 2022, on Netflix. Season three has eight episodes, and each one is about forty-six and fifty-five minutes long.

As far as Season 4 is concerned, this is all the information we have. No formal announcements on the renewal or cancellation of programs have been made by Netflix as of yet. Before evaluating a show’s success and making judgments for future episodes, the streaming giant often allows it a few months to establish its footing. The high ratings for earlier episodes of “Light the Night” make it clear that the program has a dedicated fan base.

Ruby Lin (Rose) hinted in February 2022 that the program may return to a fourth act with a greater plot than the first three seasons if they could pull it off. It would be wise to release season 4 alongside the film’s spin-off, she said, should the crew decide to go that route.

Thus, there is cause for optimism and hope on the part of fans as they await news of an update to the mystery series. Season 4 of “Light the Night” will premiere in the second quarter of 2024, if Netflix announces a program update in the coming months.

Light the Night Recap

The second chapter of the suspense thriller picks up where the first left off, with the inquiry into Sue’s death continuing. We learn where Rose and Sue first met, and we also learn about a horrible event that happened between Sue and Rose’s dad.

Rose comes to terms with the fact that she is in a dangerous situation as the season goes on; all signs lead to her being the one responsible for Sue’s death. The second season ends with Yaya apologizing to Rose for accusing her of murdering Sue, and the Light team celebrates their success because of it.

Chiang Han finds a recording of a lady who seemed worried about another woman’s possible death in the last moments of the season. A car later hits him while he is getting ready to see Rose. Several significant issues will be tackled in the upcoming third season of the program.

Finding out whether Chiang Han is alive and well is the first order of business. Who was driving the vehicle that ran over Chiang Han and murdered him is also a mystery, as is the subject of the recording. Along with Chiang Han, who has already been named as a suspect in Sue’s murder, Wen-cheng has been vigilantly monitoring him. Because of this, his accident might end up drastically changing everything.

Light the Night Cast

  • Ruby Lin as Lo Yu-nung a.k.a. Rose
  • Yo Yang as Pan Wen-cheng
  • Cheryl Yang as Su Ching-yi a.k.a. Sue
  • Rhydian Vaughan as Chiang Han
  • Derek Chang as He Yu-en
  • Esther Liu as Li Shu-hua a.k.a. Hana
  • Cherry Hsieh as Chi Man-ju a.k.a. Ah-chi
  • Nikki Hsin-ying Hsieh as Huang Pai-he a.k.a. Yuri
  • Puff Kuo as Wang Ai-lien a.k.a. Aiko
  • Cammy Chiang as Lin Ya-wen a.k.a. Yaya
  • Hu Wei-jie as Ting Chia-hao a.k.a. Hsiao-hao
  • Nash Zhang as Li Chien-ta a.k.a. Ah-ta
  • Dora Hsieh as Yen Chiao-ju a.k.a. Mei-mei
  • Jim Liu as Wu Tsu-wei

Light the Night Season 4 Plot

In the third season of “Light the Night,” we watch as the police investigating Sue’s murder dig further into the case in search of answers. Several truths are revealed during the season, and each character uniquely deals with reality.

Since it is a murder mystery, themes of inquiry and confessions run throughout the story, with some characters even going on a journey down memory lane. Near the end of the season, everyone tries their best to shield the ones they care about from reality.

If the fourth episode gets the go-ahead, it may pick up where the third season left off. Ruby Lin said in February 2022 that the writers were keen on developing a stronger plot for a possible fourth season. They would rather not only keep the story moving by killing off characters one after another.

Light the Night Season 4 Trailer

Netflix has been mum on details about Light the Night season 4 up to this point. Here you may see a trailer for the previous season in case you haven’t been following the tale of this series.

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