Life Sentence Season 2: Will It Ever Going To Happen?

American comedy-drama and family series Life Sentence’ is the brainchild of ‘Full House’ and ‘Fuller House’ producers Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith. The series debuted on March 7, 2018, on The CW. Stella, the protagonist, is a woman who, after being miraculously recovered, must face the repercussions of the choices she made while she believed she was dying.

Many viewers tuned in with the expectation that the show would address relevant topics like accountability, which has become increasingly pressing in modern society. Fans and critics alike were left unsatisfied with the series, and one reviewer put it succinctly: “Life Sentence avoids asking tough questions about serious issues, settling instead for a cloying sweetness.”

Life Sentence Season 2 Renewal Status

There is a real possibility that the television series will not be renewed. The CW renewed its midseason drama ‘The 100’ for a sixth season, and shortly after the announcement came that ‘Life Sentence’ had been canceled. With this information, the future of two CW shows—the freshman Valor and the on-the-fringe iZombie—hangs in the balance.

On Twitter, ‘Life Sentence star Lucy Hale broke her silence about the show’s demise. As Hale put it, “No cancellation can take away that which we created, which is something important and pure.” It’s possible that this post confirms that there won’t be a second season, but it doesn’t say anything about whether or not the storyline introduced in the first season will be resolved or whether or not fans will be left hanging.

Why was Life Sentence season 2 canceled?

After only one season, Life Sentence was canceled by the CW. The explanation given is poor reception. However, Stella’s portrayer, Lucy Hale, has no intention of leaving the role after just one season. If you squint just right, the season one finale appears to have a positive resolution. This show deserves a chance on The CW’s schedule because it offers something new and refreshing. Critics were not kind to the show’s first season. When the first season of this show aired, I did not enjoy it.

Life Sentence storyline

Stella (Lucy Hale), the protagonist, is a young woman with terminal cancer who lives her remaining eight years as though each day were her last. She acts as if everything she does matters immensely. She fulfills all of her desires and does all that will bring her joy. During a brief trip to Paris, she sees the world, overcomes her greatest anxieties, and falls in love.

Stella’s life takes a dramatic turn once she receives the astonishing news that her cancer has been cured and she decides to marry a complete stranger. In addition, she learns that even her ideal family has flaws. Peter (Dylan Walsh) and Ida (Gillian Vigman), her parents, are no longer together. Because she was dying, everyone avoided talking to her about their difficulties. She has recovered enough to know that nobody is without flaws and that perfection is an impossible goal for anyone to pursue. One needs to learn more effective coping mechanisms. As she begins to aid them, she comes to terms with the fact that life lies somewhere between fantasy and realism and that it is up to each person to make the most of it, regardless of circumstances.

Life Sentence Cast and characters



  • Lucy Hale as Stella Abbott
  • Elliot Knight as Wes Charles
  • Jayson Blair as Aiden Abbott
  • Brooke Lyons as Elizabeth Abbott Rojas
  • Carlos PenaVega as Diego Rojas
  • Gillian Vigman as Ida Abbott
  • Dylan Walsh as Peter Abbott
  • Nadej Bailey as Sadie
  • Recurring
  • Anna Enger as Helena Chang, Stella’s doctor
  • Claudia Rocafort as Poppy, Ida’s ex-girlfriend and Stella’s godmother
  • Dominique Lucky Martell as Fiona Abbott Rojas, Elizabeth and Diego’s daughter
  • Noor Anna Maher played the role in the pilot episode.
  • Sebastian Vargas as Frank Abbott Rojas, Elizabeth and Diego’s son
  • Emanuel Eaton played the role in the pilot episode.
  • Alyshia Ochse as Marlene
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Finley, Stella’s cynical boss at the coffee shop
  • Lindsey Maxwell as Denise
  • Riley Smith as Dr. Will Grant, an oncologist
  • Bre Blair as Lauren
  • Rana Roy as Pippa, Wes’ ex-fiancée
  • Alyssa Diaz as Kayla, Aiden’s friend and coworker
  • Valerie Cruz as Gina, Diego’s boss and Peter’s love interest

Life Sentence Season 2 Release Date

On March 7, 2018, the first season of “Life Sentence” debuted. The CW decided to cancel ‘Life Sentence’ despite the show’s high-quality writing because of low viewership numbers. Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high, though, because another network can still decide to air the show. If this happens, we will let you know when Season 2 of “Life Sentence” will be available.

Life Sentence Season 1 Review

It was disappointing to see that Life Sentence had been canceled so soon after it premiered because it was a very underestimated show this season. It wasn’t a show about groundbreaking storytelling or dramatic cliffhangers; rather, it was a show about real human feelings. The kind of feeling to which we can all relate, even if we’ve never experienced anything like it ourselves.

Life Sentence followed protagonist Stella as she dealt with cancer and an expected death sentence, only to have her luck change when she was miraculously cured. Stella, played by Lucy Hale, benefited greatly from the presence of a stellar supporting cast. It breaks my heart that there will be no more installments in this series. Even as the plot became implausible, Life Sentence managed to maintain a sense of authenticity that was commendable.

It’s difficult to put into sentences how much we’ll miss Life Sentence; here’s hoping CW changes their minds and realizes what a lovely plot and dedicated cast and crew they had. It’s unclear where the audience was or what factors contributed to the decision to halt it, but they should think again. We appreciate the lessons of perseverance, goal-setting, and, above all, following one’s own happiness that we learned from Life Sentence. We will never forget the time we spent feeling inspired and motivated by you, and we appreciate the teachings you taught us.

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