Pretty Smart Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Book-smart Chelsea learns she has a lot to learn about joy after relocating in with her vivacious sister and three housemates in the sitcom Pretty Smart. Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand are responsible for making it. Former How I Met Your Mother EP Kourtney Kang is one of Pretty Smart’s six executive producers. Despite the show’s popularity and the fact that it made Netflix’s top ten list in the United States, it lasted in the top ten for no more than 11 days (in South Africa), indicating that it wasn’t an immediate financial success for the streaming service.

The first season of Pretty Smart premiered on the streaming service on October 8, 2021, to mostly negative reviews from critics. What’s the deal, Netflix? Will we be getting season two? A thought shared by every viewer of this situation is comedy. What follows is a complete guide to Season 2 of Pretty Smart.

Pretty Smart Season 2 Renewal Status

Soon after Pretty Smart’s premiere on Netflix, fans began to speculate about when they may be able to watch Season 2. But Netflix never said anything about whether or not they would renew. It usually takes a few months before a major announcement is made. With Pretty Smart, however, such was not the case. The longer the streaming giant keeps mum, the less likely it is to receive renewal news and the greater the likelihood that it will be canceled. Pretty Smart was like this. It didn’t come out officially, but multiple media outlets reported that the show was canceled after only one season.

When CBS announced that Emily Osment will be joining the cast regularly for Season 6, cancellation rumors quickly spread. Before becoming a regular cast member, Emily had a guest-starring role in Season 5 of Young Sheldon. This was followed by the announcement, through TVLine, that the show had been canceled by Netflix after only one season. There has been no official word from the streaming giant as of yet. However, there have been rumors circulating online that it has been canceled. Neither the cast nor the creator of the program has commented on Netflix’s cancellation as of yet. So, it’s not clear if they’re looking forward to making a comeback with Season 2 of Pretty Smart on another platform.

Pretty Smart Storyline

After being dumped by her lover, Chelsea (Emily Osment), an aspiring novelist with a Harvard degree, moves in with her sister Claire (Olivia Macklin) in Los Angeles. The similarities between Chelsea and Claire end there. Claire, the waitress, is as beautiful as she is vivacious and carefree.

Their relationship has been damaged due to Chelsea’s condescending attitude toward Claire, whom she perceives as being less educated than herself. Naturally, they become closer to one another as they continue to share a home. Chelsea also develops relationships with Claire’s roommates: the social media star Jayden (Michael Hsu Rosen), the former lawyer turned New Age healer Solana (Cinthya Carmona), and most significantly, the hot ex-boyfriend Grant (Gregg Sulkin), who works at Chelsea’s gym, Build. Featuring Osment and Sulkin, two former Disney Channel stars, Season 1 of “Pretty Smart” is a breezy and enjoyable comedy.

Pretty Smart Season Cast


  • Emily Osment as Chelsea, Claire’s sister and aspiring novelist who graduated from Harvard
  • Gregg Sulkin as Grant, Claire’s ex-boyfriend and roommate. He works as a personal trainer at Build.
  • Olivia Macklin as Claire, Chelsea’s sister, and roommate to Solana, Jayden, and Grant. She is a waitress at Franklin’s.
  • Cinthya Carmona as Solana, Claire’s friend, and roommate. Solana is a former lawyer-turned metaphysical, spiritual healer. It is later revealed her real name is Allison.
  • Michael Hsu Rosen as Jayden, Claire’s friend, and roommate, who is a social media influencer
  • Geoff Ross as Howard, the manager and Claire’s boss at Franklin’s
  • Ming-Na Wen as Jasmine, Jayden’s estranged mother

Pretty Smart Season 2 Plot

The first few days of season 1 of ‘Pretty Smart’ find Chelsea staying at her sister Claire’s place. Solana, Jayden, and Grant are Claire’s roommates. Chelsea first resented having to spend so much time with the group, but she eventually grew close to everyone. As time goes on, she learns to redefine joy in light of the group’s shenanigans. In the season finale, Chelsea and Grant have sex but claim it was only a one-night stand. Because Claire still cares about Grant, things escalate after she breaks up with her boyfriend. Claire and Grant share a passionate kiss just before Chelsea comes in for the season finale.

Chelsea is likely to reveal her emotions for Grant to Claire if the show is renewed for a second season, without realizing that Claire still has affection for Grant as well. Chelsea’s reaction to Claire and Grant’s kiss may possibly be revealed. It will be interesting to watch which sibling Grant chooses to spend his life with. How Grant’s choice affects the dynamic between the sisters, and by extension the group, is likely to be the primary emphasis of the second season, should one be made.

Why was Pretty Smart Season 2 canceled?

Netflix comedies are already uncommon, so when they fail to get viewers, they often get the ax. Fans have seen many of their favorite comedies canceled soon after their initial airing. So, this isn’t the first time a series has ended unexpectedly. Nonetheless, Pretty Smart reached the highest position possible on Netflix’s US Top 10 list. However, the show was only able to hold onto eighth place for three days. Except in South Africa, where it stayed in the top ten for almost 11 days, it also flopped in every other region.

Netflix, meanwhile, has not yet revealed its viewership statistics. Recently, though, the network altered its renewal standards based on viewing. Netflix is more stringent than ever, basing renewals on data showing how many people actually pay to watch a show. In an interview, Cindy Holland said the decision will be based on how much it would cost to make the show.

There’s no use in keeping the show going if it didn’t attract enough viewers. The crowd and the critics haven’t warmed up to the comedy for other reasons, though. On Rotten Tomatoes, it received only 40% approval. For a show, that’s about as low as it gets. In fact, it has only recently received 5.8 stars on IMDb. That’s why it accurately depicts why Pretty Smart was canceled after its second season.

How many episodes are there in Pretty Smart?

The runtime of each of Pretty Smart’s ten episodes is between 22 and 26 minutes.

Where Can I Watch Pretty Smart?

You can find it streaming on Netflix right now.

Pretty Smart Season 1 Rating

Rotten Tomatoes users have not had particularly positive things to say about the show. With only 5 reviews, the series only managed a 40% rating on the website. Only two of the reviewers found the series to be humorous and light, while the other three claimed that not even the laugh track was able to rescue the show from its lack of humor.

It appears that viewers shared the cast and crew’s dissatisfaction since the show was only given a 5.8 rating on IMDb. One possible explanation for why there won’t be a Season 2 of Pretty Smart is the overwhelmingly negative reception the first season received.

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