ONE PIECE 1009: Kaido and Big Mom showed the strongest attack ever?

The manga of ONE PIECE has seen the participation of many powerful individuals in the various battles that have taken place in the work. Whitebeard, Gol D. Roger, Shanks and many others have established abnormal and unattainable levels of strength for normal people. There are those who aspire to reach those peaks like the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy.

The young boy with the straw hat, however, had to witness what it really means to be an emperor in ONE PIECE 1009. After the color page designed by Eiichiro Oda and a short interlude with the Red and Orochi Foderi, the mangaka brought back the focus on the battle that is taking place on the dome. Luffy’s shots are not hitting while Kaido and Big Mom have decided to show the young people in front of them why they are so feared all over the sea.

The two emperors coordinated, one with his own bagua and the other with Napoleon, gave life to the Hakai. The attack in question, which is actually also a pun with Haki, marks their “sovereignty over the ocean”: The duo creates a huge shockwave that Zoro can barely slow down and then push back, gaining precious seconds for the four teammates. According to the two emperors, the attack could normally be strong enough to kill at least some of the pirates in front of them.

This combination between Kaido and Big Mom could also be ONE PIECE’s most devastating attack, at least for now.

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