Kitz Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, And Other Details

The Netflix original series “Kitz” is a riveting mystery. In this thrilling and intellectual YA thriller, Lisi, a girl from a tiny village, sets out on the road to seek revenge for her brother’s untimely death. Now she has to break inside Vanessa’s fortress and dig some dirt on the local socialite. The story is clinical and relieving, providing glimpses into the protagonists’ hedonistic, upper-class lifestyles.

The series was co-bred by Vitus Reinbold and Niko Schulz-Dornburg. The series received critical acclaim after its debut on Netflix for its deft blend of familiar elements with fresh themes and stunning visuals. However, after the shocking conclusion of the first season, you must be itching to see what happens next as soon as possible. Let’s look at the topic if you’re wondering whether there will be a second part.

Kitz Season 2 Renewal Status

Kitz, a Netflix original adolescent drama, premiered its first season on the streaming service on December 31, 2021. Up to this point, there has been no official word on whether or not Kitz will return for a second season. We all understand that the first season was a huge hit with the show’s intended demographic of young adults. However, the show has also received mostly positive reviews from critics. The streaming giant is likely to approve a second season, so that’s what we can count on. But until then, we must wait for confirmation.

Kitz Storyline

Lisi Madlmeyer, a waitress in her late teens, is thrust into the world of a Munich clique a year after her brother’s murder. She blends in to learn what occurred to her brother once he began seeing Vanessa, the wealthy heiress with whom he tragically met his end. Every year, this exclusive group of teenagers travels to Lisi’s birthplace of Kitzbühel to party at a luxurious ski resort. Lisi is appalled by their extravagant lifestyle, but she knows that her hometown is dependent on their fortune for survival. Moreover, she values maintaining close relationships with her adversaries.

Kitz Season 2 Cast and characters

  • Sofie Eifertinger as Lisi Madlmeyer
  • Bless Amanda as Dominik Reid
  • Felix Mayr as Joseph Madlmeyer
  • Zoran Pingel as Kosh Ziervogel
  • Ben Felipe as Hans Gassner
  • Souhaila Amade as Antonia
  • Florence Kasumba as Regine Forsell
  • Steffen Wink as Ferdinand von Höhenfeld
  • Valerie Huber as Baroness Vanessa von Höhenfeldt

What to expect from Kitz Season 2

Lisi blamed Vanessa for her brother Joseph’s death, as shown in the pilot episode. Vanessa and her family used to spend their holidays in a cottage in the revitalized section of the city. Joseph’s class was on the verge of seeing Vanessa when tragedy struck. Meanwhile, Lisi was hatching a plan to turn Vanessa’s life into a nightmare. Lisi made an effort to join Vanessa’s inner circle in order to get the whole story. Sadly, Vanessa’s untimely death put a stop to her covert probe. Kosh was arrested by the police later on when he attempted to conceal Lisi’s secret. At the same time, Lisi was becoming closer to Dominik before she found out he could have been involved in her brother’s killing.

Kitz Season 2 will pick up right where the first season finale left off after the credits had rolled. Fans have been wondering, maybe more than anything else, what lies next for Kosh. He seemed to have cleaned up after Hans offered him a home. However, the conviction could lead to his complete demise.

Kosh might be released with the money from the hotel, but he could drink again if he finds it difficult to deal with his problems. Dominik’s involvement in the delivery of the texts to Joseph that ultimately led to his murder is another question we will investigate. After Vanessa’s death, the mystery only deepens, as suggested by the season one finale. Therefore, much remains to be resolved in the second season of Kitz.

Kitz Season 2 Release Date

The first season of “Kitz” premiered on Netflix throughout the world on December 30, 2021. There are six episodes totaling between 41 and 45 minutes in the first season. Let’s talk about what we know about a possible season two. Despite the lack of information regarding a potential sequel, the program was generally positively received after its first airing. The mix of Nordic noir and girl films seems to please critics. The show’s appeal to its target demographic of young adults has resulted in an enormous online following.

In the wake of the phenomenal success of ‘Elite,’ a Spanish original adolescent thriller drama, Netflix has produced a host of episodes aimed squarely towards this demographic, including ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Dear White People,’ and ‘Derry Girls.’ As a result, there is a good likelihood that Netflix will give the show another season. While no firm plans have been made as of yet, a second season of “Kitz” could debut in the fourth quarter of 2023 or the first quarter of 2024 if production gets underway in the summer of 2022.

Kitz Season 2 Trailer

The trailer is missing since it is unknown whether the show will be renewed for a second season.

Is the show based on a real story?

But “Kitz” isn’t based on any real events. There is no pretense that this is based on a genuine tale in any way. The narrative is a somber exploration of the human mind, yet it is rich with evocative beauty at first. Vitus Reinbold and Niko Schulz-Dornburg invented the whole thing. Both Schulz and Dornburg have written for television; Reinbold’s first series as a writer was “Just Push Abuba,” while Dornburg has written for “Biohackers.” The narrative is bold in its rejection of cliche by using many of the devices that have made similar stories successful in the past. However, the show is inspired by a wide range of human experiences.

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