Kill la Kill Season 2 Release Date: Will It Return For Another Season?

Trigger’s Kill la Kill (or Kiru ra Kiru in Japanese) is an action anime series. The first season of Kill la Kill, created by Kazuki Nakashima and Hiroyuki Imaishi, debuted on October 4, 2013. Nakashima and Ry Akizuki’s manga adaptation of the show came out on the same day.

Two special episodes, titled Kill la Kill Specials, were published a year after Season 1 of the show and the manga series caused a stir in Japan. Since then, viewers have been waiting impatiently for confirmation of a second season. Everything we understand regarding Season 2’s potential is listed here.

Kill la Kill Season 2 Renewal Status

Season one debuted on October 4, 2013, and its final episode aired on March 28, 2014, for a total of 24 episodes. Then, on September 3, 2014, Kill la Kill Specials were unveiled. It’s been a while since we heard anything regarding Season 2, as there has been no new information. There is little hope that Kill La Kill will return for a second season. There was a satisfying conclusion to the first season. Every bad guy was vanquished, and every last Life Fiber was blown to smithereens. Perhaps it would be wise to give the show a break.

Kill la Kill Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Kill la Kill debuted on October 4, 2013, and its final episode aired on March 28, 2014. There were a total of 24 episodes in the season. Released on September 3, 2014, Kill la Kill Specials follows the conclusion of Season 1. Season 2 of Kill la Kill has not been confirmed despite the passage of several years since then.

If you’re looking forward to the new season, this is a little bit of bad news. Non-renewal of an anime television series within a few years of the conclusion of a season typically means the end of the series. It’s been over five years since the first season of Kill la Kill aired, but that doesn’t mean we should give up hope just yet. ‘Kill la Kill’ season 2 might premiere in 2021, at the earliest, if the anime is indeed revived, a highly improbable event. We’ll be sure to update this area as soon as we hear anything new about Kill la Kill Season 2.

Kill la Kill Characters

  • Ryuuko Matoi: The show’s primary character, 17-year-old Ryuuko Matoi, is investigating the circumstances behind her father’s death. Seeking answers, she enrolls as a sophomore at Honnouji Academy in the hopes of learning the truth and apprehending the perpetrator.
  • Satsuki Kiryuuin: Satsuki, another prominent character, is the president of the student council at Honnouji Academy and is 18 years old. Satsuki is well-known as a strict disciplinarian who rules the school with an iron grip.
  • Senketsu:  After Ryuuko loses her first combat in the Honnouji Academy, she discovers Senketsu, a live sailor uniform, buried beneath the rubble of her destroyed home. Kamui (literally meaning God Clothes) is revealed to be Senketsu, a unique sort of garment made completely of Life threads that grant its owner immense strength in exchange for his or her blood.
  • Mako Mankanshoku: Mako, Ryuuko’s best friend and fellow second-year student at Honnouji Academy, is the show’s third and final main character. Unfortunately, she is not very good at fighting and she is a lowly student.

Kill la Kill Season 2 Plot

There is currently no information available on the plot of Kill la Kill Season 2. Why? To begin with, Kill la Kill is an original anime production, therefore we can’t look to any preexisting works for inspiration. As for a second season, that seems highly improbable given that the anime ended with the last episode and there are currently no preparations for a continuation. All we can do is review the first season of the anime so you know what went down.

The student council at Tokyo’s Honnouji Academy, located on the island of Honn City, is led by the formidable Satsuki Kiryuin. The Goku costumes her students wear are woven from the Thread of Life, which bestows upon its wearer’s extraordinary abilities. Ryuko Matoi, on the hunt for the person responsible for the death of her father, challenges the Council while wielding a scissor-shaped longsword capable of cutting Goku uniforms.

After being quickly dispatched by Takaharu Fukuroda, she discovers a sentient sailor outfit she calls Senketsu (Fresh Blood) and raises as a Kamui. All of the barriers and challenges that Kiryuin will throw at her will be no match for this, which is woven from the thread of life. She lives with her family and has a lively companion named Mako Mankanshoku.

Kill la Kill Season 2 Trailer

The eager anticipation of a second season of Kill La Kill is palpable. There has been no official word on the release of a trailer.

Kill la Kill Rating

Critics and audiences alike have praised Kill La Kill. Critics have praised the show’s innovative writing, animation, and characters. Concerns about its lack of renewal are heightened by its 7.9/10 IMDb rating, 7.9/10 MyAnimeList rating, and 8.04/5 Crunchyroll rating.

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