Super Monsters Season 3 Release date, Characters

Super monster is an American Canadian animated series which is going to be aired soon on Netflix. This anime has primarily been made for kids party which has already premiered on October 13, 2017. Avi arad is behind this fantastic anime which is currently executive producer along with Allen bohbot. This world is full of monsters, but where there is a monster, there is innocence too.

Super Monsters Season 3
Super Monsters Season 3

The plot of the super monsters

The super monster follows preschool kids, whose parents are the most famous monsters. They are continuously endeavoring their supreme powers when preparing for kindergarten. Once any person would see this show, he or she will fall for the show.

So the story has been presented in such manner that it is balancing both the things entertainment plus teaching lessons for the children. On the other hand, it has a very talented actor who has given voice such as Elyse Maloway. She will be providing a voice for Cleo graves, and she will have the power of creating tornadoes and sandstorms, whereas there will be so many such characters.

Super monsters season 3 characters

  • Esmie (voiced by Britt McKillip)
  • Zoe Walker (voiced by Nicole Anthony)
  • Igor (voiced by Ian James Corlett)
  • Lobo Howler (voiced by Alessandro Juliani)
  • Cleo Graves (voiced by Elyse Maloway)
  • Katya Speller (voiced by Andrea Libman)
  • Drac Shadows (voiced by Vincent Tong)
  • Frankie Mash (voiced by Erin Mathew)
  • Spike (voiced by Diana Kaarina)
  • Cleopatra (Cleo’s mom) voiced by Nicole Oliver
  • Katya’s Mom – voiced by Elishia

Release date of super monsters

The release date of super monster will be October 4, 2019. This even follows up last two seasons release schedule and at the time of publishing it for the further release date for Netflix originals. This show has become the favorite of so many children.

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