Kieta Hatsukoi Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know About

Fans are still reeling from the series finale and want to know if Kieta Hatsukoi will return for a second season. The series’ wholesome message and charming characters have undoubtedly won over many viewers. Ida and Aoki’s love tale began with a disagreement over something as simple as an eraser. Aoki first pretends to adore Ida in an effort to conceal his crush’s crush on her. Eventually, he began to develop genuine feelings for Ida. The ideal characters and their friendships in the Japanese drama captivated the audience, and the excellent ensemble was the icing on the cake. It’s also quite engaging despite the lack of a villain. The author deserves praise for coming up with such a compelling tale.

The drama’s plot remains faithful to the spirit of the manga, which is a credit to scriptwriter Kuroiwa Tsutomu. The adorable and expressive face of Michieda Shunsuke (Aoki), the scene-stealing charisma of Fukumoto Riko (Hashimoto), and the stunning appearance of Meguru Ren (Ida) were all noteworthy. To top it all off, Suzuki Jin (Akkun) went from playing a somber character in Given to a carefree one like Akkun. It wouldn’t be shocking if Kieta Hatsukoi was recognized as a top BL drama this year. If you liked Kieta Hatukoi and want to know if there is going to be a second season, read on!

Kieta Hatsukoi Season 2 Renewal Status

No announcement regarding Kieta Hatsukoi’s season two renewal has been made as of yet. Nonetheless, the show’s positive reception suggests it could be renewed for a second season. Remember that many factors, such as ratings, viewership, critical praise, and production costs, go into the decision of whether or not to renew a show for a second season. Therefore, if the producers or the broadcasting network make a public declaration, it is easy to speculate on the show’s future.No decision on the show’s renewal or cancellation has been made as of yet.

Kieta Hatsukoi Season 2 Release Date

Episode 8 of Season 1 premiered on November 27, 2021. Season 1 premiered on October 9, 2021. TV Asahi in Japan broadcasts the show now. Each episode lasts for about 40 minutes. Season 1 of the show is currently airing, and fans are eager to learn when season 2 will premiere. The first season of the show had a big impact, and now fans can’t wait for more. The producers have yet to make any announcements regarding the following season. Whether or whether the season will be picked up for a second run is likewise uncertain.

Kieta Hatsukoi Storyline

Tomoki Sakurai, the protagonist of the Japanese romance television series “Kieta Hatsukoi,” is a successful businessman who inexplicably disappears after an accident. Hikaru Makino, his fiancee, is saddened and baffled by his sudden disappearance and spends years trying to piece together what happened to him.

Hikaru discovers that Tomoki led a double life and engaged in several dangerous activities when she investigates his past. As she digs deeper into the matter, she and Tomoki’s enemies are drawn deeper into a web of deceit and danger. Hikaru decides to investigate the cause of Tomoki’s disappearance and her own sentiments toward him. As she does so, the series explores concepts like love, betrayal, and redemption.

In addition to dealing with her own fears and doubts, she also has to navigate Tomoki’s complex web of friends and rivals. The plot is full of unexpected turns as Hikaru races against time to discover the truth about Tomoki’s disappearance and find consolation for herself. The show depicts an inspiring tale of love, loss, and the perseverance of the human spirit.

Kieta Hatsukoi Cast

  • Aoki Sota as Shunsuke Michieda
  • Ida Kosuke as Ren Meguro
  • Mio Hashimoto as Riko Fukumoto
  • Hayato ‘Akkun’ Aida as Jin Suzuki
  • Masahiro Taniguchi as Seiichi Tanabe
  • Taisho Nakabayashi as Shô Nishigaki
  • Oguma Hana as Ohkuma Kanami
  • Kasatake Momo as Satake Momoka
  • Hirayama Yua as Hiramoto Ayu

Kieta Hatsukoi Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer because it is unknown if there will be a second season. Don’t cry, because we have the first season trailer right here. Enjoy it while you think about where to take the series from here.

Is Kieta Hatsukoi worth watching?

Unique in its genre, the romantic drama Kieta Hatsukoi stands out thanks to its riveting story, likable protagonists, and stunning visuals. Critics and viewers alike have praised the drama for its realistic portrayal of complex interpersonal dynamics, nuanced emotions, and multidimensional protagonists.

One of the main reasons that you should watch this show is because of the fresh and nuanced approach it takes to explore the complexities of romantic love and interpersonal connections. The characters’ flaws and strengths, as well as their challenges and triumphs, are endearing and believable. The spectacular visuals and acoustic design of the event make it an immersive sensory experience. Whether or not you’re a fan of romantic comedies, Kieta Hatsukoi is a film you should absolutely check out for the quality of its writing and acting alone.

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