Glamorous Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, And More Updates

Homophobia has diminished substantially as time and modernization have increased global acceptance of the lifestyle. If we go back in time just ten years, we see that many people, especially in less developed countries, believed that homosexuality was an elaborate fraud. But now, in a great development for humanity, individuals are learning to accept and appreciate one another’s preferences. The film business and movies also deserve some of the glory. Movies and television shows have played a significant role in raising public awareness of this issue. The producers clearly care about more than just making a profit, as evidenced by their efforts to provide audiences with useful information.

One such online show that addresses homosexuality head-on is Glamorous. Despite the show’s lack of popularity, it’s still worth your time to check out. It has managed to gain a following despite having numerous problems. These devotees are desperate for a follow-up.

Glamorous Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix has not officially announced a renewal for Glamorous for a second season, but the streaming giant usually moves quickly, so we anticipate hearing something soon. If Glamorous does come back to a top streaming service, there is plenty of material to work with. The season one conclusion saw Marco visiting a gender identity clinic and hinting at the identity of Madolyn’s (Zane Phillips) biological father for her kid Chad.

Glamorous Season 2 Release Date

There is no telling when the second season if there is one, will be announced or made available. Variety reported in June 2022 that Netflix had bought up the series Glamorous, which had been announced in 2019 and was scheduled to launch on the CW. On June 5th, just 17 days before the premiere, a trailer for the show was released. It would appear that Netflix would rather keep fans guessing and curious for as long as possible. Netflix may hold off on streaming the second season of Glamorous until June 2019 if the show is renewed.

Glamorous Storyline

Aspiring beauty influencer Marco Mejia meets makeup industry giant Madolyn Addison at his day job behind the counter. Madolyn hires Marco to keep a lookout for any sabotage attempts from within the company. “This new job is his first chance to figure out what he wants out of life, who he actually is, and what it really means for him to be queer,” the official synopsis states.

Glamorous Cast

  • Kim Cattrall as Madolyn Addison, a former supermodel and founder of the beauty brand “Glamorous by Madolyn”
  • Miss Benny as Marco Mejia, a makeup and fashion enthusiast who lands a dream job as Madolyn’s second assistant
  • Jade Payton as Venetia Kelaher, Madolyn’s first assistant who wants to further her career
  • Zane Phillips as Chad Addison, the son of Madolyn and director of sales for “Glamorous by Madolyn”
  • Michael Hsu Rosen as Ben, a graphic designer for “Glamorous by Madolyn” and shows interest in Marco from their first meeting
  • Ayesha Harris as Britt, a graphic designer for “Glamorous by Madolyn” who has feelings for Venetia
  • Graham Parkhurst as Parker, a “finance bro” who is overconfident and a love interest for Marco
  • Diana-Maria Riva as Julia Mejia, Marco’s mother and a lawyer who comes to work for “Glamorous by Madolyn”
  • Lisa Gilroy as Alyssasays, a social media director of “Glamorous by Madolyn”
  • Ricardo Chavira as Teddy, the full-time driver and confidant for Madolyn
  • Mark Deklin as James, an unemployed documentary filmmaker and Madolyn’s love interest that she meets by chance on an elevator
  • Nicole Power as Mykynnleigh, a corporate consultant hired by another cosmetics company interested in acquiring “Glamorous by Madolyn”
  • Damian Terriquez as Dizmal, a drag performer that introduces Marco to Brooklyn nightlife
  • In addition, Kaleb Horn co-stars as Nowhere, Madolyn’s marketing assistant.
  • Priyanka as herself
  • Chiquitita as herself
  • Monét X Change as herself
  • Joel Kim Booster as Cliff, Parker’s ex-boyfriend
  • Matt Rogers as Tony, one of Parker’s friends

Glamorous Season 2 Plot

Several plots are set up that may be continued into a second season of Glamorous, whether or not that happens. At the conclusion of Glamorous, Venetia discovers a transgender specialist’s business card on Marco’s desk. This is the most significant plot point the finale introduces, and it would be a major innovation if Netflix were to explore it in Season 2. Throughout Glamorous, Marco was confident in her own skin, regularly arriving at work dressed to the nines and well made up. However, they began to have second thoughts after beginning a relationship with Parker, who pushed for Marco to act more manly around his pals and in public.

The final scene demonstrates that Marco is finally free to embark on their own path of inward growth and genuine expression. Madolyn and Teddy’s romance would be explored in season two. She starts to consider the possibility of being with Teddy after her breakup with James, who betrayed her trust by handing Vendemiaire confidential information about her company. Venetia’s new position is another plot point left open by the Glamorous season finale.

Madolyn realized she could never find a suitable replacement for Chad, so she rehired her after a brief separation. Her expanded ability to innovate in her new position is fantastic news for the company’s reputation. The trade-off is increased accountability, which could prove challenging given her recent romantic involvement with Britt. A second season of Glamorous has not yet been confirmed, but if it does happen, the program will have plenty of material to cover.

Glamorous Season 2 Trailer

Don’t rush! There is currently no trailer for Season 2, but you may revisit the Season 1 trailer to relive all the excitement.

Where to watch Glamorous Season 2?

We have plenty of time to watch the first season since there has been no word on when the second season will be available. You may jump right to Season 1 on Netflix. Once a genuine and official declaration has been issued by the creators, we can be sure that Season 2 will likewise be available on Netflix.

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