New series for Weekly Shonen Jump: Ame no Furu arrives

Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is one of the best known magazines in the world. In the course of its history, in fact, the magazine has accompanied the serialization of manga such as Dragon Ball, The Knights of the Zodiac, ONE PIECE and many other titles that today are part of the international comic culture. Anyway, it will start shortly Ame no Furu.

Like every quarter, the time has come for Weekly Shonen Jump to take stock and present readers with new works that will take the place of those series that have failed to make their way among the magazine’s millions of readers. At this round there are two manga next to their debut, one of which has already begun last Sunday 11 April, or Blue Box by Koji Miura.

The next, in order of release, is titled Ame no Furu, a new manga written by Takegushi Ippon and designed by Mitarashi Santa. The series is scheduled to debut on Manga More already starting this Sunday and a first image is available at the bottom of the news with a poster that reveals the face of the protagonist. Ame no Furu falls under the genres of “battle-comedy“where the protagonist suddenly finds herself in a Tokyo destroyed by candy.

A rather bizarre incipit but which could reserve pleasant surprises for readers who love the genre. Waiting for the first chapter, expected this Sunday 18 April, we just have to invite you to leave us your impressions of this new manga in the comments at the bottom of the page.

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