Kekkai Sensen Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Japanese science fiction anime series Blood Blockade Battlefront (, Kekkai Sensen) is adapted from the manga of the same name. The manga series, written and drawn by Yasuhiro Nightow, debuted on January 5, 2009, and quickly gained popularity in Japan. Anime producers took it up a few years later to adapt it into a series for television. Thus, on April 5, 2015, the first season of Kekkai Sensen was released.

Blood Blockade Battlefront proved to be highly successful among followers of the manga series as well as among new audiences, and it was revived for a second season. A few of years after Season 1’s broadcast, Season 2 found its way to viewers’ screens on October 8, 2017. Since then, viewers and readers of the show’s inspiration have been hoping for season three renewal news. Everything we understand about the third season thus far is included below.

Kekkai Sensen Season 3 Renewal Status

Even without confirmation, it seems probable that Blood Blockade Battlefront will return for a third season. The first two seasons proved to be rather profitable for those behind both the manga and the anime. Studio Bones sold a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays after the premiere of new episodes. The addition of the anime episode undoubtedly boosted sales of the manga as well. Therefore, the premiere of the third season may prove to be a lucrative venture for the show’s producers.

However, Kekkai Sensen has massive international acclaim. Thousands of viewers have filed petitions since the conclusion of the second season begging for more. As a result, Season 3 might attract a much larger audience.

The first season of the anime premiered in April 2015, and it took until October 2017 for the second season to premiere. The same time of year is approaching, yet there is still no evidence of Kekkai Sensen. However, it may be a while before fans see their favorite anime back on screens. Unlike American TV series, anime may have extensive pauses between seasons. As a result, the decision-making process at Studio Bones often takes some time.

Kekkai Sensen Season 3 Release Date

There has been no announcement about the release date or cancellation of Kekkai Sensen: Season 3. Without any word from the producers, it’s difficult to predict when Season 3 will arrive. However, even if the third season hasn’t been renewed, it isn’t canceled either, so there’s still a possibility it’ll be published.

Kekkai Sensen has been well-received so far, with some even claiming that it is an undervalued anime. In 2019, a stage play was adapted from the manga. Season 3 of Kekkai Sensen is now under production and, given the show’s success, should premiere soon.

Kekkai Sensen Season 3 Characters

Leonardo Watch: Leonardo, the show’s protagonist, mysteriously acquires the ability to see everything, and as a result, his blind sister has to move in with him. Leonardo sets off into Hellsalem’s Lot in search of information, determined to solve the riddle and restore her sister’s vision.

Klaus von Reinherz: Klaus, another series regular, heads up the Libra faction. Huge and strong with a prominent underbite, Klaus is a master of the bloody Brain Grid fighting method and claims to have an unbreakable will.

Chain Sumeragi: Chain, another major show character and Libra member is a werewolf who wears a suit and handles much of Libra’s spying.

Steven A. Starphase: Steven, another Libra member, is the group’s second-in-command, behind only Klaus. Steven, a gentleman in the mold of Klaus, is an expert in the Esmerelda Blood Freeze blood-fighting technique and a formidable fighter.

Zappo Renfro: Zappo, the third major character, is also a Libran and an expert in the Big Dipper blood-fighting technique. Zappo is a womanizer who comes out as a hyper-sexual adolescent punk, causing issues for himself and Libra with his reckless behavior.

Deldro Brody and Dog Hummer: Both Deldro and Dog inhabit the same body. They got merged when the attractive dog replaced his blood with the liquefied corpse of Deldro Brody, who happened to be a serial murderer.

Kekkai Sensen Season 3 Plot

The manga’s sequel, Block Blockade Battlefront: Back to Back, might be adapted for Season 3 of Kekkai Sensen. This is because the original manga has run out of material after many seasons of Kekkai Sensen. However, it is not impossible that they will cause some disruption.

The anime adaptation of Kekkai Sensen has included certain exclusive plotlines in the past, and the third season may follow suit. Seasons 1 and 2 deviated from the book’s chronology, therefore it’s also unknown which chapters will be used in Season 3 if the show continues to follow the manga. Until a formal announcement is made, it is impossible to guess what will happen in Kekkai Sensen: Season 3.

Kekkai Sensen Season 3: Is there enough source material

The manga adaptation of Kekkai Sensen spans ten books. Blood Blockade Battlefront’s first season adapted the first 12 chapters of the manga up to Volume 6. Later in the second season, we got around to using the rest of the books. So, the studio has used up all of the manga’s potential.

Fortunately, despite everything, there is still enough material to produce a new season of the anime. A sequel manga to the original appeared in 2015. Blood Blockade Battlefront, also known as Kekkai Sensen: Back 2 Back, is the name of this book. The sequel manga is currently in development and has an overall of seven volumes. Therefore, it’s likely that the third season of Kekkai Sensen will draw inspiration from the Back 2 Back manga. Production on the next season might start as soon as they have enough material to work with.

Kekkai Sensen Season 3 Trailer

Due to the lack of an official statement on season 3, no trailer for Kekkai Sensen has been made available as of yet. The promos for both seasons of Kekkai Sensen, however, have already been published by the production company. So, once season 3 is officially announced, the teaser will follow shortly after. We have to patiently wait for the official word from Kekkai Sensen’s creators till then.

Where to watch Kekkai Sensen Season 3?

Season 3 of Kekkai Sensen may be expected to air on streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation. However, licensing restrictions may prevent their use in certain countries, hence a virtual private network (VPN) is recommended. Alternatively, you may purchase them from digital retailers like the iTunes Store or Prime Video.

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