Keep Breathing Season 2: Is There Going To Be Another Season?

In the first scene of Netflix’s survival drama “Keep Breathing,” a lady named Liv and two strangers board a private plane. She hops in, figuring the guys will drop her off somewhere along the route. The situation, however, takes a dramatic turn when the jet crashes due to technical difficulties. When Liv finally comes to, she discovers that her two friends have been seriously hurt. No one really knows anything about the plane, and it turns out that they weren’t who they claimed to be. Because of this, nobody will be going seeking her. A wrong move in the wilderness could be her last.

The show’s creators, Martin Gero and Brendan Gall intend to take viewers on an exciting journey, especially those who enjoy dramatic survival tales. The series depicts Liv’s emotional upheavals and the highs and lows she experiences during them. While her ultimate fate is revealed, certain questions remain unanswered. You don’t need to worry about the possibility that the program will be renewed for a second season because of this.

Keep Breathing Season 2 Renewal Status

Under the current circumstances, Keep Breathing has not been extended for a second season. Season 1 left off on a cliffhanger, so season 2 could be on the horizon. At the end of the season, we saw a photo of Liv who seemed more determined than ever to get back to Danny. Netflix considers audience statistics before deciding whether or not to order a new season of a show. For instance, it learns information like the number of viewers and more. Netflix is able to make swift decisions about show cancellations and renewals based on this data. The cancellation or renewal of a show, however, may take months to be officially announced.

There has been no official word yet on whether or not Season 2 will be ordered. Based on the conclusion of the previous installment, we can only hope that there will be another. There have been some severe criticisms of Season 1, so it’s hard to say much with certainty right now.

Keep Breathing Season Cast and characters

  • Melissa Barrera as Liv, a sharp attorney who crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness
  • Jeff Wilbusch as Danny, Liv’s off-again, on-again love interest
  • Florencia Lozano as Liv’s mother
  • Juan Pablo Espinosa as Liv’s father
  • Austin Stowell as Sam, a co-pilot who lets Liv fly with them
  • Getenesh Berhe as Ruth, Liv’s co-worker, and friend, who initially sets her and Danny up on a date

Keep Breathing Season Recap

Liv emerges from the cave in the last minutes of Keep Breathing. However, she trips and smashes her leg this time. She hasn’t even had time to collect herself when she discovers that she forgot essential items that could have saved her life. After an aircraft catastrophe, the elements of the wilderness, and her own problems, she realizes that this is likely her last day on Earth.

After that, Liv is swept away by a river, where she has a hallucinatory experience replete with visions of her past and possible future. Two men find her floating face down in the ocean and bring her to shore. She is thought to be dead until we witness her gasp for oxygen in the next scene, and then we see what appears to be flash-forwards of her giving birth to a baby who appears to be the father, Danny, her boyfriend.

Several hallucinations occur to Liv throughout the season. The final moments might have been hallucinations as well. However, the showrunners have stated unequivocally that Liv is still alive; whether or not she was genuinely pregnant and giving birth is up to the audience to decide. Did she make it out of the plane accident alive? Is this really happening, or am I dreaming? In the new season, hopefully, we’ll get some answers.

Keep Breathing Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of Season 1 of “Keep Breathing” debuted on Netflix on July 28, 2022. Six episodes, each lasting around half an hour, premiered at the same time. Its “limited series” designation indicates that its creators intended for Liv’s story to wrap up before the season’s finale. Her ordeal in the wild and her attempts to escape comprise the bulk of the narrative. When it appeared as if no one would ever find her, two men stumbled upon her body in the river at the conclusion of the previous episode. Liv is dragged out of the sea unconscious, but before the screen goes dark, she opens her eyes, proving to the spectator that she made it through the trauma.

The concept of surviving is central to the show. The past and flashbacks of Liv are merely complementary elements. The story ends after the central conflict is settled. That’s why we shouldn’t waste time dragging things out any longer. This indicates that Season 2 of ‘Keep Breathing’ is probably not happening.

Where was Keep Breathing filmed?

The Canadian province of British Columbia serves as the film’s setting. Downtown Vancouver served as the set for fictitious New York City street scenes. The Cheakamus River was used for the scenes set in water. Melissa Barrera must have been profoundly moved by the settings because she shared an Instagram photo of herself near the shore of a lake on Vancouver Island on the day of the film’s release.

The province of British Columbia is nestled between the North American continent and the Pacific Ocean. The province is characterized by a wide range of natural features, from rocky coastlines to woods to sandy beaches to deserts to grassy plains.

Keep Breathing Season 1 Review

The reception to Keep Breathing was not unanimous. Barrera’s lead performance was praised, but critics said the show’s plot was lacking and that the thriller components were underwhelming. Despite this, the show’s short runtime of six episodes all hovered around 30 minutes was well praised at an era when episode lengths were becoming stretched out and inconsistent. Keep Breathing has been a huge success when it first appeared on Netflix, consistently placing in the top five. Because of this, speculation regarding a potential sequel has persisted.

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