Control Z will arrive on declared Release Date

Will Control Z will arrive on declared Release Date?

Control Z considered in Netflix’s upcoming show. Control Z is a story originated in Mexico and it is a teen drama series. The show created and directed by Carlos Quintanilla with the help of Lemon Studios. Control Z story of exploits of hackers at their high school in the heart of Mexico.

As we all know Control Z is a story of high school teenager exploiting their lives with hacking this story set a perfect example of how teen nowadays missing technology and how they lose their everything in the consequences. This show shows the wildness and madness of the teenage.

The show trailer out on YouTube and the response of the trailer is appreciating from the viewers. Unique storyline and amusing plot of the season exciting viewers and making them eager for the early arrival of the show.

What is the storyline and plot of the show?

The show plot is based on a high school in Mexico and one event named El Colegio Nacional was known for the hacker who has leaked all secret of students to the entire school. No one feels safe in the school and also from the investigators. A girl named Sofia takes s responsibility on her shoulders before any further damage done to the school.

The story took up the pace when all the mysteries of hackers increase with time and things get more difficult for Sofia.

When the show will be premiered?

Netflix announced the date of a show. The show will be premiered on 22nd May 2020 and after that Netflix hasn’t declared a new date or rescheduled another release date for the show. Why we discussed the rescheduling of the release date because this current pandemic is going on.

If any news will arrive on the new release date, then we will keep you updated with this article.

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