KamiErabi God.app Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Season 2 of KamiErabi God.app is now in production, with the fourth episode of the first season set to be released soon. We don’t yet know when the sequel will be released, but we do know that it will be sometime in 2024. One of Saudi Arabia’s top distributors and marketers of anime entertainment in the Middle East area, the MBC Group, made the unexpected announcement public.

It has also been announced that there will be thirteen episodes in the first season of the anime version, with the series finale scheduled for December 28, 2023. There will not be a long wait for further episodes of the series since the time between the first two is not too long.

KamiErabi God.app Season 2 Release Date

An official teaser for Season 2 of KamiErabi GOD.app was posted via the anime’s official X (formerly Twitter), thereby confirming the renewal of the show. The precise release date of KamiErabi GOD.app Season 2 has not been confirmed yet; however, it is expected to be in 2024.

When we get more information on when Season 2 of KamiErabi GOD.app will be available, we will share it with you.

KamiErabi God.app Story

The fact that we are all God’s children is acknowledged by everyone here, regardless of our gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic standing. Every one of us is special in our way; when we worship, it’s because we’re grateful for the many gifts God has given us. But what happens when a human dares to defy the universe’s established order and pretends to be God?

Such an idea is at the center of our narrative. As a normal high school student, Gorou is lonely and wants more out of life. He mostly hangs out with Akitsu, his closest buddy, and spends time developing a love for Honoka, a classmate.

On a tragic day, Gorou’s phone suddenly alerts him that he has been chosen to grant a desire. At first, he thinks it’s a joke and replies with a playful request featuring Honoka. When Honoka asks him to make the desire come true, he is taken aback.

He quickly learns that an entity named Great Will has selected him to grant his desires. When Gorou and the other Kamisama find out they have to kill each other to become “God,” they go into a deadly rivalry. Now that Honoka is the first candidate, Gorou has to deal with the difficult decisions that lie ahead.

KamiErabi God.app Cast

  • Goro Voiced by: Kazuki Ura
  • Honoka Voiced by: Sara Matsumoto
  • Akitsu Voiced by: Shūichi Uchida
  • Chika Voiced by: Natsuko Abe
  • Kōki Voiced by: Gakuto Kajiwara
  • Iyo Voiced by: Tomori Kusunoki
  • Mitsuko Voiced by: Fairouz Ai
  • Tatsuya Voiced by: Yūki Shin
  • Lall Voiced by: Ayane Sakura
  • Ryō Voiced by: Aoi Yuki
  • Kyō Voiced by: Chiaki Kobayashi

KamiErabi God.app Season 2 Plot

Anyone who has been keeping up with KamiErabi GOD.app since season one is probably eager to find out what happens next. It was revealed in the previous season that Tatsuya is the Little Angel, and Koki is hell-bent on getting her. Although the narrative elements have not been formally announced yet, the forthcoming season is expected to reveal the fallout from this disclosure.

Fans can hardly contain their enthusiasm as they anxiously anticipate delving into the new season’s plot and continuing the riveting tale.

Fans will be able to find out who won the high-stakes game in the next season. Who will take home the coveted title of “God”—Gorou or someone else? The tale is building suspense as fans impatiently anticipate the closure of the dramatic and intriguing narrative, as many unanswered questions are about to be resolved.

Where to watch KamiErabi God.app?

You may watch KamiErabi GOD.app on the Ultra block of Fuji TV, the Japanese television network if you’re wondering where to watch it. This is a great chance to plunge into the fascinating plot and discover the universe of KamiErabi GOD.app if you haven’t had the chance to watch the series yet.

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