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Exactly one year has passed since the end of a sitcom that has marked the history of American TV over the past decade, The Big Bang Theory, and one of the stars of the show, Kaley Cuoco, has retraced its over ten years of experience that has changed her life, giving her worldwide fame with the character of Penny.

In an Instagram post, Kaley Cuoco recalled the end of The Big Bang Theory: “A year ago like today we aired our BBT series finale. People ask me every day, was it difficult to go on? Was I sad? Happy? How could I do something else later? How does it compare? Do I miss it? The truth is that the show changed my life in 100 different ways and no matter where my career takes me, I always owe it to this show and to the mind behind it. “Never forget where you come from and never take your mind off eyes where are you going ” concluded the post-Cook, accompanying a photo that portrays the cast of the series.

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Despite saying goodbye to Penny, Kaley Cuoco is back in the universe¬†of The Big Bang Theory lending his voice to the prequel series, The Young Sheldon, in a scene in which the young Sheldon (Ian Armitage) panics for a swimming test that he has to take at school, becoming anxious because of the bacteria present in the pool. The pool responds to Sheldon’s concerns with the voice of Kaley Cuoco.
Kaley Cuoco will star in the thriller TV series The Flight Attendant, as well as producing and lending her voice to the Harley Quinn character in the animated series dedicated to the DC character.

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