Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 145: Premiere, where to read the manga and spoilers

After a week off, Jujutsu Kaisen 145 It finally premiered this Sunday, April 11 and finally comes to clear the doubts of the fans as well as confirm spoilers of this manga shonen that is currently enjoying great popularity as well as its anime adaptation.

In chapter 145 of the Jujutsu manga Kaisen Itadori and the others face the challenge of the Sacrifice Game.

As we know, the end of the anime has left many of the fans completely hooked on the story, so it is not surprising that they seek to follow the fate of their favorite characters in it. manga.

Among the things that are known about this chapter without necessarily being a spoiler is that it will have by title ‘The Rear Side’ or ‘The Rear Side’ in Spanish and that will follow the revelation of the Sacrifice Game as well as the reaction of Itadori and the others to such challenge.

Spoilers de Jujutsu Kaizen 145

Careful with spoilers! From here we will touch on several anticipated revelations of the manga of Jujutsu Kaisen 145 so proceed carefully:

  • It is confirmed that the person standing in front of everyone is actually Tengen.
  • Tengen appears in his current form as a cursed spirit due to failing to find a new host after Riko Amanai’s illness.
  • Tengen explains what Brains’ plan is to merge humanity with himself.
  • If Tengen evolves he can merge with someone who is not a stellar vessel however he fears that if something evil combines with him it could mean the end of the world.
  • This means that the closer it is to becoming a cursed spirit the closer it is to becoming a target to be manipulated.
  • More of the Sacrifice Game will be revealed.
  • Choso and Yuki decide to stay with Tengen.
  • Tengen reveals a cube from the back of the prison realm however they don’t know how to open it.
  • Kurusu Hana is the one who knows how to open this cube with a technique.

Where to read the new chapter of the manga in Spanish

If you want to read chapter 145 of the popular Gege Akutami manga without resorting to piracy, we inform you that fortunately this is available officially and in Spanish through the Manga Plus platform.

This site has the most recent chapter of the manga from Jujutsu Kaisen from this Sunday April 11 so there is no excuse for not being up to date with the events of this story.

Thus, the readers of the manga celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited chapter 145, which is available for free and official in Spanish after a wave of spoilers circulating in networks. On The Truth News We will closely follow the popular Jujutsu Kaisen shonen series to bring you the latest.

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