10 shonen anime that have nothing to do with fighting

For many viewers, the genus shonen is defined by its incredible fight scenes. But not all shonen series focus on fighting in The Truth News We will tell you why below.

There are so many different genres and styles of anime that create amazing material that can connect with a wide variety of audiences. Each genre of anime has its respective audience.Every year it features dozens of new hits, but the usually shonen anime series are the ones that cause the most buzz and run for years and years.

The series Shonen are stories designed for a young male demographic, which often means there is a male lead and usually a lot of fighting.

The count that we will present below has the opinion of millions of followers who have also given their opinion about the different series and genres that it has and that has captivated so many people in the world.

Shonen anime that do not include fights

Not all shonen anime series have fights

Death Note turns into a psychological battle

It is one of the most anticipated anime series in the world

The Death Note anime series has earned a reputation as one of the most acclaimed anime series of all time. Death Note is so revered for the way it features a suspenseful showdown between a hero and a villain, but it is made through a battle of wits with the help of a deadly and mysterious tool.

Death Note stands out for the way its complex protagonist, Light Yagami, progressively transforms into a terrifying villain. The Death Note and the dangerous powers that surround it mean that the shonen series may be filled with death, but be devoid of battles and fights.

This sleeve was written by Tsugumi Ōba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata and the adaptation was made by Tetsuro Araki. Although it has gone through several changes, it is still very popular and one of the things that they most admire about said content is the topics they deal with.

The Promised Neverland a shonen anime with little danger

The second season of this anime was highly anticipated

The Promised Neverland received a lot of attention during its first season, and while the anime’s second season has a decidedly more mixed reception, it still strays from the conventional battle-filled structure of most shonen anime.

The Promised Neverland focuses on Emma and a tight-knit group of orphans who are suddenly thrust into a strange new world once the truth about their captivity comes out.

The Promised Neverland puts its characters in constant danger in a world they cannot fully trust, but their means of victory often involve espionage and clever strategies rather than punching.

The series has gone through at least six volumes in their magazines and currently managed to become one of the world’s favorite shonen, which is why it is on this list and also among the authors of various magazines.

The Great Pretender watches the master con artists in the heyday

The series contains great mysteries

There’s nothing like a good grip and The Great Pretender is a masterclass in storytelling and detouring. The anime looks at a smorgasbord of con artists operating with a certain Robin Hood mentality as they try to balance the scales of justice through their elaborate cons.

The Great Pretender create deeply engaging mysteries They involve an inspired mix of intelligence, excitement, and good luck to make sure these plans come to fruition. Lives are often at stake, but through vast conspiracies and criminal sabotage.

The followers of the series have highlighted the interesting topics that are covered in it and therefore have pointed out that it is one of the best currently despite the fact that it has been released for several years.

This series was produced by Wit Studio and directed by Hiro Kabyragi. It is about a young rhymer originally from Japan who is involved in many stages around the world.

Appare-Ranman! turn a giant race into the challenge

It has just turned 10 years since its premiere

All the anime shonen needs a sense of conflict and progression to keep your protagonists on the right track that will turn them into consummate heroes. Appare-Ranman! It is a recent anime with a global perspective that pits eclectic competitors against each other in a cross-country race.

The Appare-Ranman Runners! They can fight back if necessary, but most of the conflict comes down to who is the first to cross the finish line and the obstacles plaguing their vehicles while between destinations. There’s a great sense of suspense, but it makes vehicles the ultimate weapons.

The Serie It was originally produced by PA Works and directed by Masakazu Hashimoto. Last Saturday, April 10, it was one year since its premiere in Tokyo and it is a manga adaptation with the art of Ahn Dong Shik. It is about an engineer Sorano Appare and the insightful but also cowardly Isshiki Korsame who find themselves inside a ship heading to America after a mishap that has an impact on both of them.

Detective Conan solves cases without the need for violence

Many children follow this shonen series

The Detective Conan series, sometimes also known as Case Closed, has become an anime institution and has over 1000 episodes to its credit. There is such a definite structure to mysteries, which makes it such a natural fit for the shonen genre. Shinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa is a renowned detective who is trapped in a child body, but that does not slow down his tenacious nature to solve crimes.

Like many police or mystery procedures, Detective Conan uses intelligence and evidence to arrest suspects and violence is not on the show’s agenda. It is even somewhat contrary to Shinichi’s style.

The whole story centers on Shinichi Kudo, a famous detective who turns out to be poisoned by a group of men dressed entirely in black. Finally they do not manage to kill him, but he shrinks until finally changing his appearance to that of a seven-year-old boy.

Bakuman is an anime of love of art

Both teenagers have to solve a lot of problems

Bakuman is a shonen series that follows two teenage boys, Mashiro and Akito, who have aspirations for greatness and enter a highly competitive field. What distinguishes Bakuman from many other shonen anime is that Mashiro y Akito They embark on the path to become legendary manga artists instead of acclaimed martial artists or ninja champions.

The nature of Bakuman’s story ensures that it stands strong, but it remains very suspenseful and even comes from the same creative team that is responsible for Death Note.

Illustration for the series began in 2008 and ended in April 2012, and was published weekly in Shonen Jump magazine. The first chapter was translated into different languages ​​through the internet and this generated that the fans increased in various parts of the world. This anime series was very popular and fans have pointed out that conflicts within the series are not necessary.

Hi-Score Girl turns video games into an interesting subject

This series was given in events of the 90’s

There is a strong relationship between anime and video games, whether the two suit each other or just play in each other’s world. Hi-Score Girl combines shonen sensibilities with the minutiae of everyday life, as it looks at an introspective boy’s budding relationship with a girl, with video games acting as the connective tissue between the two.

Set in the 90s, it is very comfortable rting that Hi-Score Girl draws from the real world as she builds her conflicts related to video games and this delicate relationship. All the fighting is left to the video game sprites and arcade cabinets.

The manga was first published in 2010 and sadly in August it went through severe legal problems with SNK Playmore. Its publication was resumed until 2016 and the fans did not give up, they waited insistently for it until it finally returned.

Anohana is a meditation anime about a loss

Pain is present in this incredible series

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a punch from an anime series that is the perfect shonen show for audiences who want something more emotional. The series focuses on a group of children who lose one of their friends in an accident and the anime picks up several years later to highlight how this tragedy has affected these friends. Jinta Yadomi, the former leader of the group, she becomes a recluse and withdraws completely from society.

His friends try to communicate with him, but it is a series that is full of pain and catharsis. Battles are never on anyone’s mind.

Many people have pointed out that the content in this series has helped them internally heal certain wounds. For many it might seem like a joke, but specialists indicate that audiovisual content can impact the daily way of living life.

This shonen anime turns the human body into the greatest adventure

There are a handful of anime series that attempt to demystify the human body or certain aspects of biology and Cells at Work! is a creative shonen series that builds such a rich world.

The anime takes place inside the human body, makes anthropomorphized red and white blood cells the central characters, and turns everyday health ailments into exciting adventures.

There is a time when it is necessary to defeat the germs or destructive cells, but it never turns into a series of fights and any conflict acts as a catalyst for solving problems in a more elaborate way.

This series also doesn’t need physical fights to stand out. According to the fans of this series, it conveys an important message that has been captured by viewers and that was one of the goals of the creators who are happy to achieve their mission.

Dr. Stone solves your problems with the mind

This series is very popular with young people

It’s difficult to combine entertainment with education, but Dr. Stone is a rare example of making science a superpower. Established thousands of years after the point of dissolution of the society, Senku Ishigami leads a tribe of fearless survivors to return modernity to the world.

It is true that the second season of the anime, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, does address the theme of battle, but it is still the result of the constant science on display. Dr. Stone’s characters definitely use their brains over their strength and the anime is a testament to how intelligence is sometimes the most powerful tool of all.

This story tells the adventures of two teenagers named Senku and Taiju, who are trapped in a post-apocalyptic world in which the human race has been turned to stone and they have to find a way to reverse this situation.

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