JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Artist Surprises With Jolyne Sketch

Jolyne Cujoh will become the next member of the Joestar family with the confirmation that the anime from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will return with Stone Ocean. Now, an artist who was part of a previous season has expressed her love for the upcoming sixth season with stellar art.

Representing both the hija de Jotaro Kujo como a su Stand, Stone Free, Terumi Niishii She was a character designer and animator for the anime’s fourth season in Diamond Is Unbreakable, which followed Stand users from the quiet town known as Morioh.

Terumi Niishii led her official Twitter account, showing what Jolyne Cujoh would look like if she were an inhabitant of Morioh in the fourth part of the series in Diamond Is Unbreakable. In this way it was shown that Jotaro’s daughter is definitely one of the most elegant Joestars to date:

Foto: @NishiiTerumi en Twitter

What is JoJos Stone Ocean about?

The story of Stone Ocean It will follow Jolyne Cujoh as she tries to clear her name for a crime she did not commit. She will also find herself drawn into her father’s “profession” while in a maximum security prison.

With a plan implemented by the deceased vampire in Dio Brando, Jolyne will have to make a series of allies to save her own life, as the next season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure promises to be one of the strangest yet.

This is partly due to Stands that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the anime adaptation of Hirohiko Araki’s incredibly popular franchise. The Truth News will share more JoJos updates with you in the future.

Although Stone Ocean’s release date has yet to be revealed, fans are more than happy that part six has finally been confirmed, years after the end of temporada the Golden Wind.

Stone Ocean, in the pages of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga, is followed by alternate reality stories in Steelball Run and JoJolion that follow a new series of Joestars. The last two sagas may be years away from hitting the scene as their own anime, but we’re confident that popularity will make it possible.

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