Dragon Ball Super levels Vegeta close to the power of Beerus

Dragon Ball Super he’s moving along his last arc, and it looks like our heroes have another threat on their plate. After defeating Moro once and for all, Goku went back to training together with Vegeta.

Of course, the manga from Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro has made it clear that the last Saiyan is looking to increase his powers outside of Ultra Instinct, and Beerus answered the call with a training offer.

So if you weren’t sure Vegeta turned into a God of Destruction, well, you might want to think again. Warning! The following in The Truth News contains major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s The Survivor Granola Arc.

Beerus would be training Vegeta as his replacement.

Does Vegeta plan to be a God of Destruction?

The conversation about Vegeta and the Gods of Destruction is nothing new. In fact, Dragon Ball Super fans have long questioned whether Vegeta would join Beerus in rank as god in no time.

His temper and ease with destruction predispose Vegeta to such work, but his power has kept him at bay. After all, the Gods of Destruction are incredibly strong, and Beerus and Goku are still known to be on equal footing.

That goes doubly for Vegeta given his original encounter with the God of Destruction. However, the Dragon Ball Super manga is starting to bridge the gap. Beerus not only now sees Vegeta as a serious student, but he managed to impart the Hakai usage basics al Saiyajin.

While he may be far from mastering the move, Vegeta can use Hakai. Movement is essential for any God of Destruction, so Vegeta will only improve his technique. Beerus also shared some tips with him Saiyan prince on how to leave the past behind during your training.

This lesson, delivered in the harshest way possible, has opened Vegeta to new limits that suit a God of Destruction. So if Beerus ever wants to name an official successor to his title, it looks like Vegeta will be the man for the job. Dragon Ball Super releases new chapters monthly on MANGA Plus.

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