Johnny Depp As Joker! Here Are The Complete Exclusive Updates

Johnny Depp As Joker! Here Are The Complete Exclusive Updates


When we saw Johnny Depp in The Pirates of the Caribbean, least did we know that the actor can fit into such a role too? And while the jokers in the movies have already started off as a new trend, we are expecting to see Johnny Depp as a joker in The Batman sequel coming shortly opposite Robert Pattinson. Almost a decade back, the Batman series had a clown and hero scenes which apparently couldn’t get much attention but being in trend, Warner Bros are surely looking for a joker for the upcoming The Batman series and Johnny Depp looks to be on the top of the list.

Johnny Depp’s career took a troll when he had some legal allegations by his ex-wife and all this affected his image as an actor too. There is no denying the fact that he is a talented actor and that us the reason despite if all the controversies, he is being considered for the role probably because Warner Bros has full faith in his acting skills.

Why Johnny Depp?

A trailer has been released by the production house with the first glimpse of the joker in the sequel of Batman. From Jack Sparrow to Joker in the Batman, he has always proved his acting talent is something no one can ever beat him in. Everyone is aware of the way he has been carrying each role he has played on the screen and this might actually be a natural fit type of role for him. The movie which is due to be released on 25th Sep 2021 has not made any official announcement about its final cast and crew members.

If not Johnny Depp?

So, the question here is that sources confirm that he is on the list for the role of the joker but due to any official announcements missing regarding the same, we may even speculate that the makers have few other names in the list too. Apparently, Barnes who was seen almost 12 years back as a clown was considered to be one but we have other sources stating that he is being looked up for joker verse. So, this possibility ticks him out of the league. So, before we make any more assumptions, let’s wait for the production house to come up with a statement or a trailer and hope to see Johnny Depp!

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