Jeff Bezos Net Worth: The Global Economy While Jeff Bezos Earns $24 Billion More!!

Jeff Bezos Net Worth: The Global Economy While Jeff Bezos Earns $24 Billion More!!:

Even though the entire world seems to have shaken up economically with the current Coronavirus pandemic. In the meanwhile, the world’s richest person is becoming richer due to the COVID-19 threat.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth Gets Hype Amid COVID-19!!

Well, the government of most countries did order their citizens to isolate themselves at home for their own safety purposes. So most people are relying now on more than ever before which is great for the company. On Tuesday, the retailer’s stock did climb up 5.3 percent of hype in the quarantine days. Therefore the founder of the company did earn the net worth to $138.5 billion dollars.

jeff bezos net worth
jeff bezos net worth

The serious threat of Coronavirus pandemic did bring the global economy to a nearly stop. There were around 17 million Americans jobless and on the unemployment rolls in a very short period of time. Many employees lose their ongoing jobs while some employees get salary cuts. Yet Jeff Bezos, the Ceo of Amazon is doing just fine with other wealthy peers.

Many oil and gas industries are at the verge of collapsing because of the fall in crude prices. But still, there are some remarkable gains that people can see in these hard times when a deadly virus knocks at your doors. Jeff Bezos did earn almost $24 billion dollars to his great fortune this year that keeps on increasing by the day.

Mackenzie Bezos who is at 4 % stake of Amazon has an increase in her net worth income from $8.2 billion to $45.3 billion dollars. After the divorce, Mackenzie was left with a few percent stakes that did help her to become richer. She is now on the 18th place of Bloomberg wealth ranking and she is ahead of Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest person.

Also, the rival retailer Walmart Inc. did also gain a great amount of fortune amid COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus threat seems to have proven worse for some people while it is great opportunity to earn for Jeff Bezos and peers.

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